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If you want extra assistance with studying for the GMAT, you can sign up for a Varsity Tutors San Francisco-Bay Area prep course. This program is perfect for those who enjoy preparing for the exam with a small group of people. The Graduate Management Admission Test, or the GMAT, determines whether one can handle the rigors of business school.

If you're wondering where to begin in preparing for the test, a San Francisco-Bay Area GMAT class may have the answer you're looking for. Each class occurs online, and it's taught by a skilled instructor. These Varsity Tutor GMAT prep classes help you become familiar with the exam's layout and expectations.

Admission to a school like San Francisco State University or the University of San Francisco-Masagung Graduate School of Management may depend on the score you receive on the GMAT. The test is made up of four sections, and it assesses skills that you would need to use upon enrolling in a graduate program. That's why it's important to get the necessary academic help to so that you can do well on the exam.

What could a San Francisco Bay-Area GMAT course help me review?

The GMAT is comprised of four main sections: Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. People who take this test are both undergraduates and working professionals going back to school. The test contains multiple-choice and essay questions. You have three and a half hours to complete the test. The exam evaluates skills that will be vital during a business school education. Let's talk a little more about each section.

The Analytical Writing section is worth 0 to 6 points, and it has a 30-minute time limit. It requires you to read a short argument and then write an essay critiquing that argument. You're evaluated on your ability to present an argument as well as your writing quality.

The Integrated Reasoning section is worth 1 to 8 points and has a half-hour time limit. This portion has 12 multiple-choice questions covering table analysis, two-part analysis, graphics interpretation, and multi-source reasoning. The information in this section is presented in the form of text, graphics, and data. You have to analyze the information given to you in order to solve complex problems. On the day of the exam, you'll be provided with a calculator to use for this section.

The Verbal Reasoning section is worth 0 to 60 points, and it has a time limit of 65 minutes. It contains 36 multiple-choice questions with three question types: reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. The reading comprehension sub-section assesses your ability to summarize and analyze the author's main idea. The critical reasoning sub-section tests you on logical analysis and the comprehension of the structure of arguments. The sentence correction sub-section consists of long sentences that you need to check for errors.

The Quantitative Reasoning section is also worth 0 to 60 points, It has a 62-minute limit and has 31 multiple-choice questions covering problem-solving and data sufficiency. The problem-solving questions involve high school math topics like plane geometry and algebra. Each math question contains five possible answer choices. The data sufficiency questions have one question with two statements of data. You have to decide whether the presented data offers enough information to answer the question. Calculator use is not allowed for this section.

How does a San Francisco Bay-Area GMAT class assist me with studying for the exam?

Every San Francisco Bay-Area GMAT course is online. Whether you're a college student who wants to pursue a business career, or you're a professional who yearns for more professional challenges, we know that you have other obligations in your life. So, we try to make things easier for you by offering GMAT classes in two-week sessions or four-week sessions. You can start participating in lessons once you find a class that aligns with your lifestyle. All lessons are online, which easily accommodates those with full schedules. You can partake in sessions without leaving your bedroom, or you can engage in them from another location with internet access, such as your favorite coffeehouse or your local library.

Once you enroll in a San Francisco Bay-Area GMAT class, you'll communicate with a teacher and a few other students in a virtual classroom. You and your fellow students will work together as a group to prepare for sections covered on the GMAT. For example, you can review concepts in the Integrated Reasoning section or strengthen reading comprehension skills for the Verbal Reasoning section. Asking questions and discussing topics with your fellow students are excellent ways to study for the exam. Who knows? You may even make a new friend or two. In addition, you can engage in one-on-one instruction with the teacher if you desire private assistance with certain sections you have trouble with. Each session focuses on helping you reach for your ultimate goal.

What steps do I take to sign up for a San Francisco Bay-Area GMAT course?

Signing up for a San Francisco Bay-Area GMAT course doesn't only matter for test day. What you learn from it can make an impact on your professional or academic future. If you earn a high score on the GMAT, it shows graduate programs that you take your business career seriously. For college students, a GMAT exam with a high score may open opportunities for scholarships; for professionals, it may increase their chances of a promotion. A Varsity Tutors educational consultant can assist you in signing up for a course that suits your personal schedule. We can guide you with choosing the right one for you, whether you want to study on weekends or take a weekday morning course.

Regardless of what your goals are, you should continue to follow your dreams, and we are here to help you every step of the way. To get started, you can pick up the phone or send a message online. Our educational consultants are standing by, and they are eager to lend you a hand.

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