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If you're a freshman at West High School or a junior at the University of Wisconsin wanting to meet language requirements to earn your degree, or you're someone who just wants to deepen their appreciation of language, Varsity Tutors offers a Madison Latin course that can help you develop your language learning experience. Learning a new language can be difficult no matter what you're studying. Because Latin is not a language normally spoken, it can be difficult to build your speaking, reading, and writing skills outside of the classroom. Regular practice is crucial in order to build upon your abilities, and help you progress to another level. A Madison Latin course can offer you the chance to gain more exposure in this environment and also give you the chance to work with an expert Latin teacher who can help you grow in your studies.

Although Latin is now a dead language, it has a rich history of being the first of all the Romance languages. There are two forms of Latin that you'll likely learn about as you discover the history behind the language. These include Classical Latin, which was greatly influenced by Greek with its grammar and style, and Vulgar Latin, which differs based on the way prepositions are used. As times changed, the need to use Latin as a language came to an end. Today, it is the official language of communication of the Roman Catholic Church. Many Latin words are still present in the medical and legal fields, making this incredibly helpful for anyone who chooses to study within those areas. Understanding Latin can help you with other languages, too.

If you're a student who is taking your first Latin class to complete necessary language requirements, a would-be linguist, or want to better your understanding of other languages, we can help you find the right Latin class for you. You can join regardless of what level you're at, from beginning to advanced. A Madison Latin class might be just the help you need to practice and improve, giving you the extra time and help you need.

What material will a Madison Latin course cover?

All languages have their own unique challenges that can be difficult at first. The key is to have regular and consistent practice. Some Latin words look very close to English, such as the word 'affirmo', which means 'I affirm'. Learning these can sound pretty easy at first until you get into more difficult topics. Nouns are one example, with different nouns for male, female, and neuter (or neutral). Sometimes the nouns are obvious and make sense, but other times it goes beyond people and can include animals or objects that are given a feminine or masculine noun. These include 'flamma', or 'flame', as a feminine noun, and 'pons', meaning 'bridge', as a masculine noun. Learning all of these differences can feel puzzling at first, but your Latin instructor can help you work through it.

Other common topics that are covered when learning this ancient language include verbs, common phrases you'll run into, and how to read Latin. Working on all of these topics together over time becomes easier with plenty of practice and reinforcement, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding than you would if you attempted to study the language on your own. If you find yourself getting confused, your instructor is available for support and can help you learn the correct way to say or use a word before you develop bad habits that can hinder your ability to pick up on the finer points in Latin.

How will a Madison Latin course help me learn?

A Madison Latin class is taught online, through an interactive classroom. You'll be led by an expert Latin instructor the whole time. In this virtual classroom, you'll get the chance to see your fellow classmates and instructor and interact in real time by speaking and engaging in language learning activities. This can help boost your speaking abilities, improve your confidence, and allow you to grow more as a student of Latin. If you find yourself catching on, you can work with fellow students who are experiencing difficulties. This can help reinforce what you already know, and prove useful when working on areas that you find confusing.

You may wish to have one-on-one attention from your Latin instructor in order to cover something you are having difficulty with or to focus on an aspect of Latin important to you, such as learning legal terms. All of our Latin courses allow you to reserve time in order to get the private assistance you're looking for. If you are struggling, you can feel confident knowing that the courses have more than one option for improving your skills as you learn a new language.

Taking an online course allows you more free time, since you don't have to worry about commuting to and from class. There is a range of course times you can pick from to meet your needs. If you would rather study in the day, the afternoon, or later in the evening, there's a course for that. You can even choose weekends, if that is what works for you. New courses are offered on a monthly basis, so if you can't find what you're looking for right now, chances are good it's being offered next month.

How can I get signed up?

The Latin language is a valuable tool if you need to improve your skills in another Romance language or any number of fields that still use Latin terms today, such as research or religion. Knowing this language can be helpful if you're a junior in Latin at Memorial High School or simply want to improve your understanding of Latin words for your profession. If you contact Varsity Tutors, we can help you get more information about what a Madison Latin class covers, current class schedules, and how we can help you get started studying this interesting language. Reach out to one of our educational consultants and find out how you can get started learning Latin soon.

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