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Thanks to Varsity Tutors, students of all ages can begin their journey to Latin mastery. Whether you're a freshman at Washburn High School, an undergraduate student pursuing your bachelor's degree at Macalester College, or a doctoral candidate at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities analyzing Julius Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Gallico, a Minneapolis Latin course may be just what you need to brush up on your Latin language skills.

The many professional, personal, and intellectual advantages that come with learning a language are well-known. Being bilingual or multilingual can have, for one, an extremely positive influence on your brain. In concrete terms, learning and using another language in your everyday life has been shown to increase rates of cognition and refine decision-making faculties. In turn, the risk of devastating neurodegenerative diseases, among them Alzheimer's and dementia, can be reduced considerably.

On a related note, knowing another language means that you can have the opportunity to experience the world in a novel way. Being proficient in two or more languages is strongly associated with a higher level of compassion, and acceptance of diverse viewpoints. Given how interconnected and globalized the contemporary economy is today, this can be an incredible asset and skill.

Transnational movements of people, goods, and services have shaped our contemporary global landscape. So, being able to understand the perspective of someone sitting across the globe is practically as important as knowing how to engage with your neighbor.

While there are thousands of different languages you could choose to learn, Latin is one that can offer you a unique vantage point. Latin was first encountered in ancient times as the language of Latium, the region of central Italy in which Rome is located. It is widely recognized as the precursor of the family of Romance languages, which includes French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. This means that learning Latin can offer you a window into many distinct languages and cultures.

Furthermore, Latin survives as the official tongue of Vatican City. It is also the official language of communication of the Roman Catholic Church today. So, with a deep understanding of knowledge by your side, you can gain fresh insights into ancient clerical texts, and begin to unveil the mysteries of a religious system that continues to wield great influence across the world.

Even though having a functional understanding of Latin can be incredibly eye-opening and offer you a host of enticing opportunities, mastering Latin can be quite the challenge. Whether in the case of Latin or any other tongue, it's nearly impossible to become an expert without devoting considerable time and energy. So, while your schedule may be hectic already, it's crucial for you to make time to dedicate to your Latin study.

Thankfully, that's where a Minneapolis Latin course comes in and can help chart the route to proficiency. New sections begin on a rolling monthly basis, and classes are held at many times so that your unique scheduling needs are met. Most importantly, however, a Minneapolis Latin course is entirely online!

The Live Learning Platform that comes with a Minneapolis Latin course has the same advantages of a regular classroom. You can engage with your peers and instructor, and benefit from a collaborative, rigorous learning environment.

A Minneapolis Latin class even gives you the ability to request individualized time with your instructor to go over earlier lessons and clarify your doubts as you move forward. Thanks to Varsity Tutors, you can forget about traffic and just focus on mastering Latin.

So, whether you're examining how Etruscan tablets influenced the development of Latin syntax or still figuring out how to distinguish masculine, feminine, and neuter nouns, signing up for a Minneapolis Latin course can help you gain proficiency. A Minneapolis Latin class can offer you a collaborative learning environment, consistent practice, individualized time, and a stress-free avenue to learning and mastering Latin.

What types of skills would an instructor generally go over in a Latin class?

It's important to note that there are two main variants of Latin, namely classical and vulgar. While classical Latin was greatly influenced in vocabulary, grammar, and style by the Greek language and tends to prioritize formality and elegance, vulgar Latin is the spoken form of Latin that was carried by the soldiers and colonists of Rome throughout the Roman Empire.

Given the two kinds of Latin and the major differences between them, the task of learning Latin is hardly a simple one. Add to this an elaborate system of inflections, gendered nouns, and adjective-verb agreement, and students find themselves faced with an uphill battle.

On the other hand, many of our modern English words have roots in Latin, so monolingual English speakers may have an easier time grasping vocabulary. With a highly developed system of word endings, learning Latin vocabulary can be quite a logical and mechanical endeavor that students can learn to enjoy.

So, what benefits are there to signing up for a class?

A Minneapolis Latin course acknowledges the fact that your schedule is already packed and seeks to offer you a more convenient way to master Latin. With classes held entirely online and at many different times to suit the most irregular schedules, you can forget about adding another commute and simply dive into the complexities of Latin headfirst.

In addition, the Live Learning Platform that the class utilizes enables you to engage with your peers and instructor. The structure mimics a standard classroom and offers you much-needed chances for that consistent, rigorous practice that is well-known as the key to proficiency.

Furthermore, you have the added benefit of being able to request one-on-one time with your tutor. This individualized time can be used to review lessons in greater depth, clarify your doubts, and position you to excel in your classes as you move forward.

Lastly, a Minneapolis Latin class welcomes you no matter where you are in your Latin learning journey. You can learn from and with your peers and gain extra practice to solidify your foundation and build your Latin skills.

So, how can I get signed up and start taking classes?

In order to sign up for a Minneapolis Latin class and explore your options, contact the educational consultants at Varsity Tutors today.

New sections begin on a monthly rolling basis, and classes are held during various different time slots, including weekends and evenings.

So, whether you're in your very first semester of Latin at St. Thomas University or considering joining the Seminaries of Saint Paul, register for a Minneapolis Latin course and get started on your Latin learning voyage. Start taking classes with Varsity Tutors today.

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