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Whether you are a high school student at Sunnyslope High School or Desert Vista High School, a college student studying at Arizona State University, or someone who just enjoys learning new languages, Varsity Tutors can help you build your Latin proficiency through a Phoenix Latin course. You may find it difficult to study in a regular classroom with traditional lesson plans, as learning a second language can be difficult for anyone.

When you are trying to learn Latin, one important thing to keep in mind is how many opportunities you will be presented with that allow you to practice communicating in this language, whether you are a complete beginner or you already have some vocabulary and grammar knowledge. A Phoenix Latin course can provide you with some necessary building blocks for the language as well as letting you have access to an expert in the Latin language that can help you along the way.

Latin was originally used in an ancient era as the language of Latium, the region where Rome is located in central Italy. It is the precursor to the Romance languages, such as Romanian, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Out of the Germanic languages, English has shown to be the most receptive of Latin influence.

Once the ancient Romans started developing literature, a division in the language developed. It continued to grow all the way up to the start of the Roman Empire. There is classical Latin, which is distinguished by its elegance and its formality. It was greatly influenced in vocabulary, style, and grammar by Greek. Then there is vulgar Latin, which is the more popular (spoken) form of the Latin language. The Romance languages descended from vulgar Latin, as the language was carried by the soldiers and colonists of Rome during the Roman Empire era. It differs from classical Latin in several ways, including increased use of prepositions, less frequent use of inflection, and greater regularity of word order.

Latin was a living language throughout the Middle Ages and all the way into the early modern period. Many attempts were made to attempt to restore classical Latin but were overshadowed as vernacular languages became more popular. With that in mind, though Latin is considered a dead language, it is still the official tongue of the Vatican City and the official language for communication within the Roman Catholic Church.

Learning Latin has many benefits. It is still used regularly in the legal professions, medicine, theology, scientific research, and more. It can be very helpful in learning other languages, including the Romance languages. Whatever reason you have for learning Latin, a Phoenix Latin class could be exactly what you need.

What material will be taught in a Phoenix Latin course?

A lot of students find that mastering the principles behind pronouncing Latin can be easy, though practice and patience are needed. Unlike modern languages, it is unnecessary to completely develop the 'authentic' Latin accent, since the language is considered dead. However, with the ability to pronounce Latin words consistently comes the opportunity to learn more Latin vocabulary, read Latin more fluently, and the ability to appreciate the sounds and rhythms of Latin prose.

Plenty of English words come from Latin, which makes it that much simpler for a native English speaker to learn. Some Latin words are nearly identical to an English equivalent. This includes words such as "finis" which means to "finish or end", and "rapidus" which means "rapid or swift".

You will also learn about how the endings of Latin words (where inflection is placed) are a vital part of comprehending how different words relate to each other and enable to you to figure out the meaning of a sentence. This can prove tricky for a native English speaker because English uses inflected forms in a limited capacity. In English, inflections were traded in for a strict system of word placement. As one example, the sentences "the girl chases a cat" and "a cat chases the girl" mean something different.

Native speakers of English rely on word order to figure out who is performing an action, and this is not so true in the Latin language. When you are learning Latin, you will need to look carefully at the ends of words rather than the beginnings. Only then can you figure out the meaning of a sentence. Don't worry, though, your Latin instructor can explain all of these nuances and intricacies to you, and give you plenty of time to practice on your own, with the instructor, and with your classmates.

How will the Phoenix Latin course help me learn?

Since a Phoenix Latin class is a fully online, interactive experience taught by an experienced Latin instructor, you can communicate with your other classmates and your instructor easily. This provides plenty of chances to participate in language learning activities.

A Phoenix Latin course will also provide you with the chance to request and reserve one-on-one time with your instructor. This can help you with tricky or challenging subjects.

Classes begin on a rolling monthly basis, and the online aspect makes them fairly convenient. Whether you need to learn at night or on the weekends or you want to practice during the day, there is a class for you.

How can I get started with a class?

Enrolling in a class is as simple as letting Varsity Tutors know that you are ready to begin learning Latin. No matter what your skill level is or your reasons for wanting to study Latin, you just need to let us know. We can provide more details on what is covered in a Phoenix Latin class and offer the needed information on how and when to begin, as well as provide you with knowledge of what courses are currently being offered. Once you have enrolled in a Latin class, you can quickly begin making use of the various class activities as well as your access to a Latin instructor, which can send you down the right road to learning the complexities of Latin. Call today!

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