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Students, professionals, and language learning buffs alike can begin making strides in Latin thanks to Varsity Tutors. You belong in an Albany Latin class irrespective of your proficiency, profession, or academic background. So, whether you're a sophomore taking Latin II at Albany High School, pursuing higher studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, or considering joining a seminary in the future, enrolling in an Albany Latin course can be worth your while.

Thanks to the work of many researchers and scholars, we now know that the brain benefits of speaking more than one language are plenty. Learning and using more than one language in your everyday life is like pushups for your brain- you can improve cognition, decision-making, and skills of memorization by devoting time to it. Also, while heredity and other factors may largely determine your predisposition to developing conditions such as Alzheimer's and dementia, scientists have revealed that acquiring a second language is one way to help lower your risk of developing certain neurodegenerative diseases as you age.

Furthermore, as time goes on, the world is only becoming more interconnected. By way of globalization both economic and cultural in nature, the world is turning into a veritable global village. This means that the value of intercultural dialogue- the ability to communicate effectively across cultural borders- is constantly increasing. People who can engage in meaningful dialogue with those who do not necessarily share their national, cultural, or spiritual backgrounds are major assets, and learning languages can help enable the same.

In addition, it's hard to underestimate the competitive advantage you can gain by being multilingual. In a global village like ours, your next door neighbor may experience reality through a completely different lens from you. With language skills by your side, it can be easier to develop a deeper connection to and feel compassion towards your next-door neighbors and strangers on the other side of the globe alike.

Should you find yourself eager to explore opportunities for holistic growth, opting to learn a language is a great idea. Although many may be skeptical of the benefits of learning a dead language, the truth is that Latin lives on in unique ways. Learning Latin can be a gateway into other Romance languages and give you insight into the Roman Catholic Church.

Latin was first found in the central Italian region of Latium, where modern-day Rome is located. Today, Latin continues to thrive as a liturgical language. There are no first language speakers of Latin, but the language continues to be used for official purposes in Vatican City and the Roman Catholic Church. In addition, modern Romance languages like Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese actually came from Latin. Latin has also had a significant influence on the development of English.

Studies have revealed one surprising fact: Latin learners tend to perform better than others in exams like the GRE. Wondering why? Since students of Latin typically learn about word endings, this makes them better equipped to offer educated guesses regarding the meanings of English words they may be otherwise unfamiliar with. So, learning Latin can actually lead to many exciting pathways for you. But it's not as if you can become an expert overnight. Since practicing regularly is commonly cited as the way to mastery, you have to find time in your schedule to devote to learning Latin in order to become proficient. With an Albany Latin course, that's what you can get.

An Albany Latin course recognizes the fact that making time for dedicated language study can be fraught with difficulties. So, an Albany Latin course prioritizes regular study, a collaborative classroom environment, and your learning ease. The class is completely online, so you can access your coursework no matter where you are. The Live Learning Platform built into class also simulates the experience of being in a brick-and-mortar classroom, because you can speak with your peers and instructor easily. New sections begin on a monthly basis, and there are abundant time slots for you to choose from!

What all will I learn if I decide to enroll in an Albany Latin course?

Spanish is supposed to be one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn, but Latin is not far behind. With a logical system of syntax and grammar, students may find that through consistent practice and memorization, they can quickly get the hang of it. Many English words also came from Latin, so it's possible that students will be able to improve their vocabulary in English as they strengthen their Latin basis.

On the other hand, a few aspects of Latin may not seem familiar to English speakers. For instance, Latin has three types of gendered nouns, namely masculine, feminine, and neuter. In addition, it's not always as obvious who is performing which action in Latin sentences. Pronoun dropping (otherwise known as the zero pronoun or null anaphora) is common.

What features does an Albany Latin course that will help me learn more effectively?

You schedule is already too full for you to even consider adding on another commitment. Varsity Tutors understands that, and that's why an Albany Latin course is entirely online and classes are offered at many different convenient times. In addition, the Live Learning Platform that used for each course can help you feel like you're in a standard classroom. You can receive feedback from your instructor and engage with your peers. The collaborative spirit of each class means that you can learn from and with your classmates.

But sometimes your peers don't have all the answers, and that's when it's useful to be able to request individualized time with your instructor. In an Albany Latin class, you have the capacity to ask for one-on-one time. This way, you can smooth out any wrinkles and move forward feeling assured and confident in your Latin abilities.

How do I go about signing up?

Thinking about enrolling in a Latin class? Get in contact with the educational consultants at Varsity Tutors today to learn more and consider your options. Given the abundance of time slots, you're likely to find something that works for you.

So, whether you're in your very first semester of Latin at The Albany Academies or already have no trouble navigating inflected forms, registering for an Albany Latin course could lead you to some amazing opportunities. With Varsity Tutors, you can begin today.

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