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Thanks to Varsity Tutors, students of all ages, regardless of their educational or professional background, can begin gaining Latin language skills. Whether you're a freshman at John Adams High School, an undergraduate student pursuing your bachelor's degree at the Case Western Reserve University, or a doctoral candidate conducting research about the medieval Croatian parliament, a Cleveland Latin course may be just what you need to either begin learning or keep up with your Latin.

Being proficient in two or more languages helps you become more accepting of diverse viewpoints, and understand different cultural contexts on a deeper level. This is because learning a language forces you to go beyond your own lived experience, and consider the different ways in which someone who speaks a language other than English may navigate the world. In other words, language learning can be a powerful tool to develop empathy, because language can often be a window to the essence of any given culture.

Researchers have also shown that learning and using a language other than your native tongue can significantly shape the development of the brain. Learning languages can improve cognition and contribute to superior decision-making faculties. As a consequence, those who are bilingual or multilingual have been shown to be at a lower risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases associated with aging.

In the fields of business and global commerce, too, you can benefit greatly from having skills in another language. The contemporary economy is highly globalized and interconnected, so communication across language barriers is often a necessity.

Latin, in particular, is a wonderful language to learn if you're a student or professional interested in finding ways to broaden your horizons. Latin was first encountered in ancient times as the language of Latium, the central Italian region where Rome is located. As the precursor of key Romance languages like Spanish and French, Latin can offer students new inroads into European cultures beyond the reaches of the former Roman empire.

Furthermore, Latin remains the official language of the Vatican City and is still widely used within the Roman Catholic Church. So, knowing Latin is not just a matter of mastering syntax or grammar, but it can also provide students with wide-ranging perspectives on the church and its enduring reach.

While it's clear that knowing Latin can offer you an abundance of attractive opportunities for personal, professional, and intellectual growth, finding time and energy to dedicate to a brand new language can be a mammoth task in itself. Like any language in the world, learning Latin, too, requires considerable investment. Rigorous and regular practice is one way to put you on the right track and help you gain proficiency in as little time as possible.

That's where a Cleveland Latin class could be highly beneficial to you. With a Cleveland Latin class, you can have access to opportunities to regularly practice your Latin, gain individualized time with your instructor, and reap the benefits of a collaborative learning environment. The course is entirely online, and classes are offered at various times so that your scheduling needs are fully met.

So, whether you're investigating rare clerical texts from the Vatican or just beginning to grasp the complex system of word endings within Latin, taking a Cleveland Latin class is an excellent way for you to either pick up or retain your Latin skills.

So, what types of skills would an instructor review in a Latin class?

There are two primary types of Latin: classical and vulgar. Classical Latin tends to be more elegant and formal and was influenced deeply by the Greek language. On the other hand, vulgar Latin is the spoken form. It was carried by the soldiers and colonists of Rome throughout the Roman Empire.

Notably, Latin contains gendered nouns, adjective-verb agreements, and an elaborate system of inflections. These features can make it challenging for an English speaker to pick up.

However, there are also elements of Latin that English speakers are likely to find quite simple to grasp. Because many modern English words were derived from Latin, picking up vocabulary may come fairly easily to students. In addition, once students grasp the highly developed system of word endings in Latin, preparing for standardized tests that prioritize an expansive vocabulary may be a less stressful endeavor, too.

What benefits are involved in signing up for a class?

A Cleveland Latin course is entirely online, and with various different time slots, it's no longer a headache to find something that works for your schedule. Furthermore, the Live Learning Platform used for every course gives you access to many useful features. You can have conversations with your peers, and engage with your instructor just as you would in a standard classroom.

However, what sets this course apart is that you can request one-on-one time with your instructor. Learning Latin is no easy task, and sometimes you just might need that extra help to keep you going when you're feeling stuck.

In addition, regardless of your proficiency, there's a place for you in class. Cleveland Latin courses welcome all levels of proficiency. So, if you're already familiar with the basics, this course may offer you the chance to strengthen your foundation as you move forward and the coursework becomes more challenging. In the case that you're a newcomer, you get to learn not just from your tutor, but from your peers as well.

How can I get signed up and start?

If you want to sign up for a Cleveland Latin class or simply learn more, it's a good idea for you to contact the educational consultants at Varsity Tutors as soon as possible. New sections commence on a monthly rolling basis. Classes are held during various different time slots, including weekends and evenings.

So, whether you're in your first semester of Latin at James Ford Rhodes High School or already halfway through translating the collected works of Virgil, registering for a Cleveland Latin course can offer you a host of benefits to help you grow - personally, professionally, and intellectually. Start your Latin learning journey with the help of Varsity Tutors today.

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