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Many people choose to study Spanish for varying reasons; whether it is academic, business, or personal. Taking advantage of the lessons offered by Varsity Tutors in the Washington DC Spanish course could be a step in the right direction. Perhaps learning a foreign language is a requirement before graduation where you study, whether it is at Georgetown University or Woodrow Wilson High School. This, coupled with the increasingly globalized and competitive business environment, makes learning a foreign language like Spanish a good decision. Learning a new language can be complicated, especially if you are limited to the traditional classroom curriculum that does not offer you enough opportunities to practice in writing and conversation. However, with a Washington DC Spanish course, you learn from an expert Spanish instructor and in an environment that provides you with ample opportunities for interaction with others and to practice what you learn.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S. and also the second most spoken language in the World after Mandarin Chinese. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. It is the official language in around 20 countries that include Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and more. More than 430 million native speakers worldwide speak Spanish, and it is the most studied language here in the U.S., where we have over 45 million native speakers. Spanish is considered one of the easiest language native English speakers can learn due to some similarities between the two languages. Though there are differences in the grammar and sentence structure between the two languages, these are actually simpler in Spanish.

Learning how to read, write, and speak Spanish provides you with many opportunities that can positively impact your life, such as doing business with a huge population of people, making new friends, learning about other people cultures, and more. This can give you a sense of achievement and can help your self-esteem. Studies have shown that learning a second language like Spanish can help boost your memory and make your mind sharper. Including the ability to communicate in Spanish in your resume as a job seeker can make you stand out from other applicants. In addition, if you plan to relocate to a Spanish-speaking country for whatever reasons, acclimatizing would not be an issue with a solid command of this language.

If you need to take a Spanish course, we can provide a class that is right for you, your level of proficiency and schedules notwithstanding. Attending a Washington DC Spanish class might just be what you need to better integrate Spanish into your schedule.

What material is covered in a Washington DC Spanish course?

Learning a new language can be challenging and time-consuming because of the great deal of information one needs to absorb. Spanish, a romance language, has similar syntax and pluralization to the English language. These similarities can make learning easier for anyone, but especially for English speakers. In addition, both languages use the Roman alphabets and 30-40% of English words have related cognates in Spanish.

That said, there are many significant differences between the two languages that could make learning challenging. For example, the Spanish language nouns have a gender, fewer prepositions exist in Spanish, the use of noun precedes adjectives in Spanish, and more.

During the course of the training, your instructor can introduce you first to concepts like vocabulary and pluralization and how you can integrate them during communication. Writing accents and pronunciation of some everyday words like ahorrar, carrera, anaranjado, and more in Spanish can be a bit tricky; however, your instructor can help you simplify this. You can also learn how to assign genders to nouns in Spanish and the exceptions to the rule. In addition, you can learn what noun-adjective pairing and verb-conjugation are in Spanish and how you can incorporate them during practice.

There is so much to learn to become proficient in a new language, and your Washington DC Spanish course can cover all of these examples and more lessons that can improve your mastery of the Spanish language.

How will a Washington DC Spanish course help me learn?

There are many approaches to learning a new language, but few are as effective as a web-based interactive classroom approach offered by Washington DC Spanish class that can help you get immersed in the language. You can take advantage of the various multimedia tools available online such as video, audio, webcams, instant messaging, chat boards, automation, and many more to learn at your own pace to better immerse yourself in the language.

Accessibility and repetition are important elements you need to consider when learning a new language. An online class is a better platform that allows you to master repetition of words, phrases, and sentences that can help you comprehend a new language. You also have the freedom of scheduling the class into your daily activities. Adult learners with family commitments can take advantage of this approach to learn Spanish.

In addition, every Washington DC Spanish class is anchored by an expert Spanish instructor. You learn better by communicating with both your classmates and instructor by engaging in learning activities. This collaborative atmosphere provided by a Washington DC Spanish class can help you learn faster and better compared to studying alone or in an offline classroom environment.

There might be instances when you find yourself struggling to understand a concept. The Washington DC Spanish course allows you to schedule a one-on-one private meeting with your Spanish instructor to provide the needed assistance.

How can I get started?

You can never tell how far you can go with your Spanish knowledge until you start. Attending an online Washington DC Spanish class can help you in your quest of mastering Spanish. This is regardless of your present educational level, whether you are studying at the University of Maryland- College Park or at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase High school, or even an adult learner. New classes start monthly at different times of the day. Contact Varsity Tutors today to enroll in a class that suits your needs.

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