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Whether you are a student at area institutions like Lincoln High School or Cleveland High School that's brushing up on their skills, a beginner at the University of Portland, or you're just someone that enjoys learning new languages, Varsity Tutors can provide you with the needed Spanish learning foundation through a Portland Spanish course. Maybe you've found that a conventional classroom isn't the right place for you and that learning a language is difficult - whether you are completely new to Spanish or you are trying to further your vocabulary and grammatical skills.

It is important to remember that you need to continuously practice communication skills with other people. A Portland Spanish course will help you do this by providing you with both the necessary immersion that any language needs and giving you access to an expert level Spanish teacher. Your teacher will offer you different language learning building blocks as you continue on the road to comprehending and potentially mastering the Spanish language.

More than 430 million people use Spanish as their native tongue. This makes it the second most spoken language across the globe, preceded only by Mandarin Chinese. In the United States, 45 million people can speak Spanish, whether it is their native tongue or they've learned it after English - it is the most studied language in the US.

There are many benefits to learning Spanish. Whether you want to make new friends, are interested in different cultures that involve the Spanish language, or if you want to be part of the globalizing business world that encourages bilingualism, we can enroll you in a class that can help you reach for these goals. It doesn't matter if you are someone that has chosen to study outside of a classroom or whether you are a student struggling with your current language course; a Portland Spanish class might just be the right thing for you.

What sort of material is going to be taught in a Portland Spanish course?

If you are a native English speaker, Spanish is considered one of the easiest languages to learn. The sentence structure and grammar are different from English, but many people consider them to be simpler. Learning Spanish also will give you an advantage if you ever choose to learn another Romance language, such as French or Italian.

Spanish is a gender-based language, where each noun has its own gender, just like Russian, French, and German. These genders are usually assigned to the noun based on the last letter of the word. Usually a noun that ends in an "o" is masculine, whereas a noun that ends in an "a" are feminine. It is important to note that there will be exceptions to this rule and that you will have to memorize them. Don't worry too much; your Spanish teacher will be there to help guide and encourage you while you're still trying to make sense out of it.

When you prepare to learn about Spanish verbs, it can be a tricky process, because each verb is conjugated based on number and person. There are five different endings for every verb that you will have to learn based on the subject pronoun. The memorization of these verbs will go one step further, because you will also have to learn how the conjugations vary when the verb ends in "ar", "er", or "ir". What's more, the verb tenses (past, present, and future) will all conjugate differently.

Another thing that you will learn in your Spanish class is how and when to use the different forms of the verb "to be". This includes using the verb form "ser" which refers to a permanent trait and using the verb form "estar" which refers to a more transient state of being. The complexities of knowing when to use which version of the verb can be confusing for both Spanish beginners and those who have more experience with the language. Fortunately, your Spanish course will provide you with plenty of discussions about this subject so you can practice using it in real conversations.

How will I be taught in the Portland Spanish course?

The Portland Spanish class is an interactive classroom in an online setting. You will have an experienced Spanish instructor that will help you throughout your language learning experience as well as the benefit of having other students that you can participate with. There will be plenty of different techniques, discussions, and activities that will provide you with the needed foundation for learning Spanish. Depending on your skill level, some teachers may decide to teach their class entirely in Spanish so that the students have the added benefit of learning in a fully immersive environment.

If you are struggling with a specific concept, our Portland Spanish course will allow you to reserve this one-on-one time so you can make sense of what you are learning.

The classes start on a rolling monthly basis, so when you are ready to begin learning, it will be quick and efficient for you to find the right class. The added benefit of it being an online class is not to be forgotten - you never have to worry about a commute. You can practice right in your living room while still being able to interact with your teacher and classmates as though they are by your side. Additionally, you can choose the time of day that works best for you to learn, whether that is in the afternoon, at night, or over the weekend.

How do I begin?

Are you ready to begin learning the Spanish language? You just need to contact Varsity Tutors and tell us that you want to get started. We will offer some additional information for your benefit, such as extra details on what a Portland Spanish class will be covering. It also includes the information about what courses are available and the details you need to know for enrollment. Whether you are trying to improve upon your academic skills or learning Spanish so you can make new friends and learn about new cultures, we can provide you with a class and teacher that can help you make great strides in your command of the Spanish language.

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