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When you make the decision to begin learning Spanish, whether it is because you enjoy the language, because you are a student at St. Joseph Academy or Shaker Heights High School, or because you are studying the language at Case Western Reserve University, Varsity Tutors can help with our Cleveland Spanish course. Traditional classroom settings don't work well for everyone, and learning to speak a new language can be a difficult endeavor for anyone to undertake, whether this is your first time studying Spanish or if you have already begun tackling the language.

It is imperative to remember when you begin learning Spanish that you should keep communicating in the language as a high priority, whether that's through the written word or you are speaking it with someone else. A Cleveland Spanish course is there for you, offering both immersion in the language and an experienced Spanish teacher. This Spanish teacher is going to be available throughout the course, whether you need help mastering the basics, or whether you need help with the more complex parts of the Spanish language.

Nearly 20 countries across the globe speak Spanish as the official language. The most notable countries are Spain and Mexico. Most of Central and South America speak it as well, including Peru, Guatemala, Chili, and Ecuador. It is a popular language, with over 430 million native speakers, making it the second most used language in the world, second only to Mandarin Chinese. In the United States, 45 million people are capable of speaking Spanish, as it is the most studied language in the US. Some of those people speak it as their first language, while some have learned it to become bilingual.

If you decide to learn Spanish, you are opening yourself up to a world of possibilities. This can include the ability to make new Spanish-speaking friends, the chance to learn about plenty of diverse cultures and study Spanish literature, and the chance to stand out in a business world that relies more and more on people who are bilingual. No matter what your reason is for learning Spanish, a Cleveland Spanish class can help provide you with the necessary language learning blocks you need to go after your goals.

What material is learned in a Cleveland Spanish course?

For native English speakers, Spanish is considered one of the easier languages to start learning. You can take advantage of word patterns found in Spanish-English cognates, and this can help you when learning parts of the new vocabulary. Spanish is somewhat related to English. This is because English took some of the word cues from French. French is related to Spanish - both are considered Romance languages, after all. The other Romance languages are Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese. In some situations, English and Spanish words can overlap, but keep in mind that even if a word sounds the same in both languages, that does not mean they have the same meaning.

When you learn Spanish, you will be taught about the rolled "R" sound. While some people can master this immediately, for others, it can be a tough concept to grasp. Your Spanish instructor can help teach you how to make the sound of a rolled "R" and can also provide knowledge of when it is appropriate to do so.

Spanish also assigns gender to each of the nouns, the same way that German, French, and Russian do. The gender is decided by how the word ends. If the noun has an "o" at the end of it, then it is typically masculine, whereas ending in an "a" means that the noun is usually going to be feminine. However, this can be somewhat complex, as there are exceptions to this, and those exceptions must be memorized. Your Spanish teacher will be able to teach you when the rules apply and when they do not and will be there to help you learn the irregularities and encourage practice and memorization.

Noun and adjective pairing are also part of studying Spanish. The adjective used to describe a noun will change to match the number and gender of the noun. For example, a feminine noun in singular form will cause the adjective to be feminine and singular as well.

How am I taught in the Cleveland Spanish course?

We provide a fully online and interactive setting with our Cleveland Spanish class. You will have the advantage of a highly experienced Spanish teacher that will be there while you learn the different intricacies and nuances of the sentence structure, verb conjugations, and more. Added to that is the ability to participate with the other students in the class. While it will depend on the level of Spanish that you speak, sometimes teachers will offer to teach the class in Spanish so the students will be able to practice in a more immersive setting.

If you find yourself unable to keep up with or understand a certain part of the Spanish language, our Cleveland Spanish course will let you reserve some quality individual time with your instructor. This can help you get the extra help comprehending something that you just aren't understanding in the regular class.

It is important to remember that this class is fully online, and you can choose the sections offered when you want to study. You may need to work on Spanish at nights or on the weekends or in the afternoons. Whatever time slot works the best for you, you can still have access to your Spanish instructor and be able to participate with others.

How can I get started learning?

Classes start on a monthly rolling basis, so you can quickly and efficiently begin once you are ready. Just let Varsity Tutors know that you want to begin learning the Spanish language, and we can help get you the information necessary for enrollment, including extra details on what subject matter will be covered in the Cleveland Spanish class and what classes are currently available for you to join. Whether you are a complete novice or you are veteran that is trying to brush up on some skills you already know, an expert instructor and a variety of language learning activities can help you get started learning the Spanish language.

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