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Preparing for a test with the magnitude of the GMAT can be a daunting journey if you are traveling on your own. Whether you are just beginning your journey or have started to run into obstacles along the way, Varsity Tutors can help you get started with a Boston GMAT class that may make the journey a little easier.

The GMAT is used by many business schools as a portion of their admissions process. As such, it can be important to perform well on the test to give yourself the best chance to get into the business school of your dreams. So whether you are hoping to get into the Boston University Questrom School of Business or the University of Massachusetts, working through a Boston GMAT course may prove useful.

The GMAT consists of four different sections that test a variety of different subject materials. The material included in each of these four sections is designed to test how well you might perform in your classes in business school. As such, it may be important to perform well in these sections to show that you have the ability to do well once you get into a business school.

What can a Boston GMAT class help me review?

A Boston GMAT class can help you review a wide range of material that could show up on the GMAT. The GMAT consists of four sections, including Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and an Analytical Writing Assessment. The questions involved include both multiple choice questions and essay questions. You will have 3.5 hours to complete the test if you do not choose to take the optional breaks. With four different sections on the test, students are required to understand information across a wide variety of subject areas. Working with an instructor in a Boston GMAT course can be helpful in terms of gaining a better understanding of these subject areas.

The Quantitative Reasoning Section of the test is made up of 31 multiple choice questions and you will have 62 minutes to complete the section. This section is scored between 0 and 60 points. It is designed to provide insight into how well you can interpret graphic data, how well you can reason from a mathematical standpoint, and how well you can solve quantitative problems. This section has two different types of questions, including problem-solving and data sufficiency. The questions regarding problem-solving involve testing how well you can use logic and reason analytically. The questions about data sufficiency look at how well you can pick out relevant data and analyze problems.

The Verbal Reasoning Section consists of 36 multiple choice questions and you will have 65 minutes to complete it. This section is also scored between 0 and 60 points. However, this section is more concerned with your critical reasoning and reading comprehension abilities. The questions regarding critical reasoning require you to read a passage and evaluate different arguments concerning that passage. You may also be required to come up with a plan of action. The questions about reading comprehension also require you to read a passage, but they are more concerned with you being able to understand and interpret the ideas presented in the passage.

The Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT only consists of 12 questions and you will have 30 minutes to finish it. This section of the test is scored between 1 and 8 points and is concerned with measuring your ability to organize and compare data, synthesizing information, and being able to use a variety of sources to solve problems. These are all skills that may prove useful in business school and in a business career, so it makes sense to test your proficiency in these areas.

The Analytical Writing Assessment portion of the exam only contains 1 question. However, this question involves writing an essay. You will have 30 minutes to complete this section and it is scored between 0 and 6 points. This section looks at how well you can communicate in written English and how well you can think critically. You will need to both come up with a plan and be able to organize your ideas into a cohesive argument within the span of 30 minutes.

How does a Boston GMAT course help me prepare?

A Boston GMAT course can help you prepare for the test in a variety of ways. Your Boston GMAT course will consist of working with both an instructor and fellow students. This set up can provide you with a guide and teacher in the form of an instructor and peers who can give additional insight in the form of your fellow students.

One of the most important areas in terms of preparing for the GMAT is reviewing the material. Some of the material may include topics you never learned previously while other material may include topics that you haven't worked with in a long time. Either way, your instructor can help you go over the material that may show up on the exam.

Boston GMAT classes are available online, which can make it easier to fit a class into your schedule. Whether you are a working professional who needs to balance study time around your work schedule or a student who needs to find time to study in between your classes, Varsity Tutors can help you find a class time that works for you.

In addition to going over material, a Boston GMAT course can also help in terms of working on developing test-taking skills such as time management. It can be very important to manage your time effectively on a test like the GMAT because you have a strict time limit for each section. Going through practice tests can be helpful in terms of getting the timing down so that you know how much time you have to complete each question.

How can I find a Boston GMAT prep course?

When you sign up for a Boston GMAT course, you can choose either a two or four-week course depending on your needs. In order to sign up for a course, you should contact Varsity Tutors either online or on the phone.

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