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Whether you are someone in love with learning languages, a student at Huguenot High School or Armstrong High School, or currently studying at the University of Richmond, Varsity Tutors is here to help provide you with the necessary language comprehension skills for bettering your Spanish through a Richmond Spanish course. Learning a new language can be hard, whether it is your first time with a secondary language or whether you're already bilingual and Spanish is just next on your list. A lot of people don't find traditional classrooms the right place for learning, and perhaps you're one of them.

It is important to keep a couple of things in mind while you are learning Spanish, one of which is the fact that you need time to practice your verbal and written communication skills with other people. If you have begun the adventure that is learning Spanish, whether you are a complete beginner or already know some of the language, a Richmond Spanish course can offer you the immersion that you need as well as the aid of an experienced Spanish teacher. This teacher can provide you with tools that could help you learn Spanish and continue to assist you as you dive further and further into the language.

There are around 20 countries across the globe that speak Spanish as their official tongue. This includes Spain, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Ecuador, Chili, and the majority of Central and South America. There are more than 430 million native speakers of Spanish, and it is the second most widely used language in the world, right after Mandarin Chinese. In the United States, it is the second most commonly used language, after English, with over 45 million people speaking it either natively or as their second language. Whether you want to learn Spanish because you plan to travel, live abroad, or start job hunting in a business world that favors bilingual speakers, we can enroll you in a class that could help you meet your goals.

What types of material will I learn in a Richmond Spanish course?

Spanish is one of the Romance languages, like French, Portuguese, Romanian, and Italian. It gets many of its rules about syntax and grammar from Latin, and almost 75% of Spanish words have Latin roots. It shares some similarities with English, with both of the languages using the Roman alphabet. This means that, if you are a native English speaker, you will not have to learn an entirely new alphabet since the two languages use mostly the same letters. However, Spanish has an extra letter and symbol that you will have to get used to.

One difference you will be faced with in Spanish if you are a native English speaker is the fact that the noun comes before the adjective. This can be tricky when you are trying to learn how to describe something in the Spanish language.

Learning verbs in Spanish can be nuanced, as it involves more than simply learning one word. In Spanish, number and person conjugate verbs, so you will have a lot of memorization to do as there are five (or six if you are speaking the Castilian version) separate endings for every verb you will learn. On top of that, the conjugations can change if the verb ends in -ar, -er, or -ir. While this can seem very complex, you don't need to conquer this information on your own. Your Spanish instructor will be there to help you get used to these different conjugations and will encourage you to practice.

You will also learn the intricate rules that relate to Spanish syllable stress. In some instances, words will require that you place an accent over a stressed syllable. However, even to those who have Spanish experience, it is not necessarily clear when an accent is required. The need changes depending on factors such as what letter the word ends with or if there is another word that is spelled the same. Whether you are someone who is completely new to the language or someone that is brushing up on previously learned skills, it can be quite challenging to keep the various rules and the reasons behind the rules straight. Your Spanish course will provide you with plenty of chances to discuss these grammatical complexities, letting you practice with your teacher, with your classmates, and by yourself.

How does the Richmond Spanish course help me learn?

A Richmond Spanish class takes place in an online classroom that is fully-interactive, and it gives you the advantage of having access to an experienced instructor that can answer your questions and assist with concepts you find particularly troubling. You will also have the freedom to participate and practice with the other students in your class. This will provide you the opportunity to speak the language regularly, which can assist with information retention and help build your confidence in your conversational skills. Depending on your level, some instructors may offer to teach the entire class in Spanish to give students the benefits of having extra immersion.

Our Richmond Spanish course will also allow you to request some one-on-one instruction time with your Spanish teacher. Having this ability, as well as the convenience of being able to participate in a fully-online setting, can make learning Spanish that much easier. The classes start on a rolling monthly basis so you can get started quickly, and you are able to decide if you want to participate on the weekends, weekdays, at night, or in the afternoon.

How do I get started?

No matter your reason for learning Spanish, you can get started pretty easily. Contact Varsity Tutors and our educational consultants can provide you with more information regarding what a Richmond Spanish class covers, what classes we currently offer, and the details you need for how and when you can get enrolled in a Spanish class. When you are ready to begin, just let us know, and we can help you begin or build upon your Spanish language speaking skills.

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