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If you're ready to invest in expert Boston ACT prep, Varsity Tutors has you covered with two powerful options worthy of your consideration. If you want to study in a collaborative learning environment, we can set you up with a Boston ACT prep course to help you prepare for the exam. If you would rather work in a one-on-one learning environment, we can match you with a qualified private Boston ACT tutor instead. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help students reach for their academic potential.

The ACT is one of the two big college admission exams in the country, the other being the SAT. The test is typically taken by juniors at high schools such as Boston College High School and Boston Latin School as one of the first steps in the college admissions process. With four and possibly five sections to prepare for covering the entirety of what you have studied in your high school career, trying to prepare for this test on your own can feel overwhelming. Instead, let us match you with expert test prep services!

What content areas can I review during Boston ACT preparation?

The ACT consists of four mandatory, multiple-choice sections: Mathematics, Reading, English, and Science. Each of these sections is scored from 1-36. There is also an optional Writing section at the end of the exam scored on a scale from 2-12. Not including breaks, the ACT lasts two hours and 55 minutes while the ACT Plus Writing has a duration of three hours and 35 minutes. Let's take a closer look at the topics covered in each section of the exam.

The Math section covers topics you have studied since eighth grade, including Pre-Algebra, elementary and intermediate algebra, plane geometry, coordinate geometry, statistics, and trigonometry. This section serves to evaluate a test-taker's quantitative problem-solving and critical thinking skills. You are allowed to use certain calculators to help you out, but not your phone. You have one hour to answer 60 questions on this section.

The Reading section consists of passage-based items. You're expected to be able to identify main ideas and supporting details, summarize reading passages, relate texts to one another, and use context clues to define unfamiliar words and phrases. You also need to be able to differentiate between a fact and an opinion. You have 35 minutes for 40 items on this section.

The English section concentrates on topic development, argument cohesion, organization, and the impact of style and tone on language choice. You are also tested on your command of English language conventions (punctuation, grammar, etc.) at a 12th-grade level. You only have 45 minutes to answer 75 questions on this section, so there's no time to waste.

The Science section measures a test-taker's problem-solving, analysis, and interpretation skills. Questions are drawn from all of the sciences you've studied thus far: earth sciences, biology, chemistry, and physics. You are also expected to have a working knowledge of the Scientific Method and how to interpret the quantitative results of a science lab. You have 35 minutes to answer 40 items on this section.

The Writing section consists of one essay prompt that you have 40 minutes to answer. You will be provided with an issue as well as three perspectives about it. You write about your own perspective on the topic, incorporating at least one of the other perspectives into your analysis. This section measures your communication, reading comprehension, and argumentation skills.

What are the benefits of the different Boston ACT prep options available to me?

As noted above, we can help you find ether a Boston ACT prep class or a one-on-one tutor to help you build your study skills. If you opt for a class, you will attend weekly class sessions with a knowledgeable instructor and a handful of other students. We vet every teacher we work with, so you can trust that your instructor will have an extensive ACT knowledge base you can draw from. Sessions also take place on a live virtual platform that facilitates real-time interaction, so you can ask for help as needed.

Having other students in the virtual classroom can also help you develop a more comprehensive understanding of the material you are studying. You can all interact with each other, enabling the sharing of test-taking strategies and other helpful tips. For example, there is no penalty for guessing on the ACT. If you are ever unsure of an answer, it is often in your best interest to eliminate as many choices as you can and then take a guess so that you have an opportunity to read every question. Splitting the cost with several other students also allows you to get tremendous bang for your buck, and who doesn't want that? You can also arrange private extra help sessions with your teacher if a concept just isn't clicking for you.

Alternatively, you can work with a private instructor in a one-on-one learning environment. A tutor can take the time to understand your unique needs and then design sessions around them to enhance your study efficiency. You are also free to focus on your particular areas of opportunity. For instance, a student who excels in mathematics can spend more of their study time on the English and Reading sections to help them build self-confidence heading into the exam.

We also try to make all of our services as convenient as possible. We offer two and four-week ACT classes to make it easier to find something that works for you. We also start brand new classes each week so it's virtually impossible to miss out. If you choose private instruction, you get to use our exclusive Live Learning Platform to study online without compromising efficacy. Your tutor can also meet you whenever you are available for maximal convenience.

How do I enroll in Boston ACT prep today?

At Varsity Tutors, we strive to take the hassle out of Boston ACT prep. Reach out to an expert educational consultant today for more information on the services we provide and how to enroll!

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