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If you're interested in learning Chinese, allow Varsity Tutors to help by enrolling you in a Virginia Beach Chinese course. Learning Chinese is helpful to people of all ages, so why not consider this new language as a way to communicate with people around the world, learn about our Earth's history, and make yourself more marketable to universities and job opportunities?

Chinese is the most popular language in the world. More than one billion people are native Chinese speakers. Because Chinese is such a popular language, there are actually several different dialects of the language. One of the most popular Chinese dialects is Mandarin. Mandarin is the official language of The People's Republic of China and Taiwan. Meanwhile, another popular Chinese dialect is Cantonese, which is historically spoken by Chinese speakers in the United States. Other dialects of Chinese that you may come across include Hakka, Gan, Wu, and Xiang. Learning Chinese through a Chinese course can help you communicate with individuals who speak these different dialects, which can help you during your travels or when applying for study abroad programs at the University of Virginia.

Written Chinese is thousands of years old, with findings showing that people of the Shang Dynasty used this language to communicate. Even though there are several different Chinese dialects, all of the dialects use the same form of written Chinese. There are more than 50,000 characters in the Chinese language, with each symbol representing one syllable. Of these 50,000 characters, 20,000 are used regularly, and the overwhelming majority of written Chinese is communicated through only about 2,500 characters. If this amount of characters sounds overwhelming to you, you may enjoy the benefits of guided learning through a Chinese course.

What can I learn through a Virginia Beach Chinese class?

Whether you are an Ocean Lakes High School student, a Regent University student, or an adult in the professional working world, you can learn valuable information in your Chinese class. Some students learn Chinese in school, while other individuals strive to learn Chinese for fun. Whatever your reasoning for learning Chinese, a class can provide you with helpful tools, information, and resources to grow your confidence in this difficult-to-learn language.

For native English speakers, Chinese is considered one of the hardest languages to learn. This is because Chinese and English share few similarities. One difference between Chinese and English is that Chinese is a tonal language. A tonal language is a language where words change their meaning depending on the tone of their pronunciation. There are four tones in Mandarin Chinese: flat, rising, falling then rising, and falling. In other Chinese dialects, there are as many as nine different tones. For help grasping your understanding of tonal languages, think about enrolling yourself in a Chinese class.

Another difference between English and Chinese is that Chinese has no articles, verb inflections, or plurals. Unlike English, where plural nouns have an "s" added on, Chinese words retain their same form no matter their singular or plural form. This requires some memorization from learners. With help from a Chinese class, individuals can receive help moving through the differences between Chinese and English.

The final major difference between English and Chinese is that Chinese is a pictographic language. As a matter of fact, Chinese is the only modern pictographic language. A pictographic language is a language where the characters are crafted from ancient drawings which depict the items they are meant to describe. These symbols give no clue to the pronunciation of the word, meaning that learners must memorize each symbol individually. To make this a little easier for English speakers, a Virginia Beach Chinese class may teach you pinyin. Pinyin is a way of translating Chinese characters into English letters based on their pronunciation. This method of teaching may help you feel more confident in your abilities to speak Chinese, so why not enroll in a class today?

How can a Virginia Beach Chinese class help me learn?

You may be interested in learning Chinese because you're studying this language at First Colonial High School, or maybe you're planning a trip to Taiwan and want to brush up on your Mandarin. Whatever your reasoning for learning Chinese, a Chinese class can help you learn. The classes we offer to students are online, meaning individuals can access their classes from any location at any time. Each class is interactive and live, so you can benefit from a communicative learning environment. Also, every class is taught by a knowledgeable and skilled instructor who not only understands Chinese, but also understands how to teach Chinese to students of varying skills levels.

In your online Chinese class, you can ask questions to your instructor in real time. You can take advantage of the live platform to ask questions as you move through your lessons so you can feel caught up and confident. You can also communicate with your peers, allowing you to practice your written and spoken Chinese skills with fellow learners. This interactive platform is ideal for learning a new language, so consider signing up for a class right away.

How can I enroll in a Virginia Beach Chinese course?

If a live, interactive, and online Chinese course sounds ideal for you, enroll today! At Varsity Tutors, we offer Chinese courses that begin on a monthly basis. Sign up to get started with your Chinese course as soon as possible. These courses meet for two weeks or four weeks, depending on what works best for your schedule. We understand that Chinese learners are busy, whether they're applying for college, taking college-level exams, or working in the professional world. In order to make the most of your sparse study time, consider a Virginia Beach Chinese course for focused and guided learning. Because of the online platform, individuals don't have to waste time commuting to a local location for their lessons. Instead, learn from any location with internet access, including your home, college campus, or local library. To get started with a Virginia Beach Chinese course, reach out to our staff at Varsity Tutors today!

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