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Taking a San Francisco-Bay Area Chinese class with Varsity Tutors can help you develop a better grasp of this complex and popular language, whether you're a Heritage High School senior who is ready to graduate, you're about to pursue a higher education at Stanford, or you simply recognize the value of learning a language that one billion people claim as their native tongue. Introducing yourself to a new language can seem challenging whether you've already studied Chinese or you're a first-time learner, and sitting in a conventional classroom may not give you enough experience to help you get better acquainted with Chinese. A San Francisco-Bay Area Chinese class can help you better immerse yourself in this language and assist you in learning the necessary skills to improve your mastery.

Our society is growing more globalized by the day, which is one reason why it's so vital to learn Chinese. As the most widespread language in the world, Mandarin is the official language of both The People's Republic of China and Taiwan. Chinese is also one of the more difficult languages to learn, as it shares very little resemblance to English. It also boasts over 50,000 unique characters, and a minimum of 2,500 of them are needed to have a basic comprehension of the language. While it may not be easy to fully understand Chinese at first, it can help give you a competitive edge when trying to establish yourself in an international market, helping you to better communicate with potential employers and peers.

Whether you have your sights on making connections in a Chinese language-based industry or you simply want to stay one step ahead of your coursework in school, taking a class can help you feel more confident by giving you the opportunity to practice your Chinese. It can be hard to try to find a local native speaker out in the real world, especially if you feel shy or hesitant about your proficiency level. We can quickly enroll you in a San Francisco-Bay Area Chinese course to connect you with a language expert to help you get started on broadening your horizon.

What skills will be covered in a San Francisco-Bay Area course?

Chinese is a tonal language, which means that the entire meaning of a word can be changed just by changing the inflection on the word. For instance, the four key tones are flat, rising, falling then rising, and falling. That means that learning the language can be particularly hard, as it bears little resemblance to English. These classes can help teach you these four tones, and can also delve into the other quirks of Chinese, such as the fact that there are no plural forms of a noun, no articles, and no verb inflections. It's easy to get overwhelmed when faced with all of this information, but a San Francisco-Bay Area Chinese course can help you get the practice you need to help you get a better understanding of this language.

One of the most important things about learning a new language is making sure you get plenty of practice. Retention of new concepts and vocabulary terms increases with repeated exposure and ample opportunities to exercise your new language. Whether you have already studied the Chinese language before, or this is your first exposure to it, you can practice your Chinese language skills in a safe and friendly online environment, no matter what your skill level is at present. Our teachers are patient and encouraging, which can help make your classroom experience a positive one for you.

How can I benefit from taking a San Francisco-Bay Area Chinese course?

There are many advantages to taking a class with us. For starters, we understand how busy your day to day life can be. If you're balancing your education with a personal life while trying to learn Chinese, you may wonder when you're going to be able to squeeze in time for your lessons. That's what makes these lessons stand out. We offer many different sections that start at various times of the month, and there are multiple classes held at times that can fit into your schedule. No matter what your day looks like, you can find time to practice your Chinese with our convenient schedule layout. Many students love the fact that they're not fighting traffic or dealing with a nasty commute to be able to make it to their class.

Furthermore, taking online classes gives you an opportunity to not only fully immerse yourself in the language, but also to ask questions and get real-time feedback from an expert teacher. Listening to other students speak can help train your ear to pick up the many different tones of the Chinese language, and by interacting in a collaborative online setting, you can hone your own skills by talking to your classmates directly. For those students who are struggling with their mastery of Chinese, or if you feel like you need to go over something again that was touched on in your San Francisco-Bay Area Chinese course, you can request more time with your teacher to review your studies further.

What's the process of signing up for a San Francisco-Bay Area Chinese class?

Learning Chinese may not be easy right away, and there may be a little bit of a learning curve at first, but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience for you. Not only can you help get a better appreciation for a new culture, but you can also demonstrate to any future employers that you have the dedication and drive to teach yourself a new language. Whether you're wrapping up your senior year at California High School, on your way to getting your international business degree at UC Berkeley, or you just know the value of learning the language that 15 percent of the world speaks, taking a San Francisco-Bay Area Chinese course can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. To get started with Varsity Tutors today, and learn more about the enrollment process, please give us a call now!

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