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No matter where you are at in the study process, Varsity Tutors can help by enrolling you in a Buffalo Chinese course. Individuals learning Chinese for the first time and those brushing up on their Chinese skills alike can benefit from the perks of a Chinese class. Chinese is a beneficial language for individuals to learn for many reasons. For one, Chinese is the most popular language in the world. There are more than one billion native Chinese speakers on Earth. By learning Chinese, you can communicate with these individuals, whether it be for personal reasons, for educational purposes, or for a work opportunity.

The Chinese language has several dialects, with Mandarin being the official language of the People's Republic of China and Taiwan. Another Chinese dialect, Cantonese, is historically spoken by many Chinese speakers in the United States. Other Chinese dialects you may also come across include Xiang, Wu, Gan, and Hakka. With so many dialects, English speakers may be overwhelmed by the Chinese language. Allow Varsity Tutors to relieve your stress by helping you enroll in a Buffalo Chinese course today!

What can a Buffalo Chinese class cover?

Whether you're a student at P.S. 304 - Hutchinson Central Technical High School, the University at Buffalo, or an adult in the working world, a Chinese class can help you learn about this historic and useful language. Did you know written Chinese dates back thousands of years? As a matter of fact, Chinese is the only modern pictographic language. A pictographic language is a language where characters represent ancient drawings, which depict the things they are meant to describe. In Chinese, these symbols give no clue to the pronunciation of the characters. If you want to learn to speak Chinese, you may encounter some struggles with this pictographic language. For some, pinyin helps with the learning process. Pinyin is a technique where Chinese characters are translated into English letters from the alphabet based on their pronunciation. In your Chinese class, you may learn pinyin as a way to help you feel more confident in your understanding of Chinese.

Another area of the Chinese language that causes English speakers confusion is the tonal aspects of the language. A tonal language is a language where the tone used to pronounce a word can alter its meaning. In Mandarin Chinese, there are four different tones used to pronounce words: flat, rising, falling then rising, and falling. In other dialects, there are as many as nine different tones to pronounce words. These various tones may cause difficulty for some learners, so consider reaching out to Varsity Tutors for help.

Yet another way that Chinese is different from English is the fact that the Chinese language does not have articles, verb inflections, or plurals. Unlike English, where plural nouns are marked with an -s, Chinese nouns don't change when they are being used in a plural form. This may take some getting used to in order to achieve full comprehension. To benefit from guided learning, think about signing up for a Chinese class today.

How can a Buffalo Chinese class help me learn?

Signing up for a Chinese class can offer you many benefits. Learning Chinese isn't easy, especially if you are going it alone. Don't try to learn Chinese on your own when you can work with a skilled and professional instructor in a Chinese class. Varsity Tutors offers live, online classes to individuals looking to learn or brush up on their Chinese abilities. A virtual class is flexible, interactive, and informative. During your lesson, if you have any questions, you can ask your instructor in real time. Your instructor will be knowledgeable about Chinese, as well as in how to communicate with students and help them learn. The instructor of your Chinese class can answer your questions quickly, allowing you and your peers to benefit. Another perk to the live and interactive structure of these Chinese classes is that you can communicate with your peers. By interacting with your fellow students, you can work on your written and verbal Chinese skills and practice pronunciation to sharpen your skills and grow your confidence in communicating in this language.

In addition to the interactive nature of Chinese classes, students can also enjoy the flexibility of the online platform. Thanks to this online format, students don't have to worry about commuting to their lessons. Instead, they can learn from the comfort of their own home, their local library, their college campus, or their favorite coffee shop. No need to go out of your way to enjoy a comprehensive and informative Chinese class, thanks to Varsity Tutors.

How can I enroll in a Buffalo Chinese class?

Students at Canisius High School, college students, and working professionals alike can all benefit from a Chinese class. The flexible online platform is convenient for busy learners. We understand that those looking to learn Chinese likely have packed schedules. Whether you're working on college applications, studying for exams, or working your full-time job, we can make the most of your sparse study time through Chinese classes. Classes meet during the day, the evenings, and the weekends, so you can pick a meeting time that is most convenient for your routine. You can also select between two week or four week classes. It is our goal to make learning as easy as possible for students, no matter their skill level, age, or lifestyle.

A Buffalo Chinese course can help students grow their confidence in their abilities, whether they are looking to use Chinese for travel purposes or for their resumes. The courses you enroll in can help you with written Chinese, reading Chinese, speaking Chinese, understanding Chinese history, and learning Chinese culture. You could benefit from in-depth lessons that are flexible and communicative by reaching out to Varsity Tutors. Our goal is to help you work towards your goals, so what are you waiting for? Increase your confidence in your Chinese abilities by enrolling in a Buffalo Chinese course provided by Varsity Tutors today!

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