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Varsity Tutors can help you optimize your GMAT test preparation process when you sign up for a live online Virginia Beach GMAT course. You can sign up for either a two-week or four-week course, and new class sections begin every week at different times. Whether you're just completing your undergraduate studies or you're already working as a business professional, getting a solid score on the GMAT can be an excellent beginning towards advancing your career.

Even when the GMAT is not a requirement for admission to an MBA program, admissions boards will likely review your score if it's available. Your score can help them assess how prepared you are for graduate-level business courses. If you want to be accepted into a top MBA program like the one at the nearby Regent University School of Business and Leadership, doing well on the GMAT can only help.

What content will I review in a Virginia Beach GMAT course?

Your GMAT course instructor will review the content found in each of the four sections, which are Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and an Analytical Writing Assessment. Questions in the first three sections are presented in multiple-choice format. The Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections make use of a computer-adaptive format, which results in a more precise measurement of your abilities in these subjects. Not counting breaks, the full test takes about 3.5 hours.

The Verbal Reasoning section gives you 65 minutes to answer 36 questions designed to evaluate your skill level in reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. Many questions consist of short reading passages followed by questions that determine how well you understand the words used, statements made, and logical connections. Other questions require you to evaluate and make arguments and formulate an action plan. Finally, you're provided with sentences containing errors in grammar, sentence structure, or general conventions of the English language, and you must identify and fix them.

The Quantitative Reasoning section allows you 62 minutes to complete 31 questions designed to gauge your level of math, data, and reasoning skills. There are two separate kinds of questions. The problem-solving questions require you to use your analytical and logical reasoning skills to solve problems. The data-sufficiency questions allow you to prove your ability to analyze problems, recognize the relevant data needed to solve them, and point out when there's enough data to answer them.

The Integrated Reasoning section gives you up to 30 minutes to finish 12 questions designed to evaluate how well you integrate data presented in a variety of forms such as numbers, text, tables, and graphics. You then use this combination of data to evaluate information and solve problems. You must be able to cull the most relevant information from the sources and use it to logically analyze and solve problems.

You have 30 minutes to complete the Analytical Writing Assessment. You'll read a passage with an argument and evaluate it. Then you plan out and write a response showing your analysis of the reasoning provided for the argument. Since you must quickly organize and develop your ideas, supporting data, and examples, your Virginia Beach GMAT course may include strategies and practice time to help you feel confident in your performance.

How can a Virginia Beach GMAT class help me successfully prepare for the test?

Each Virginia Beach GMAT class session is held live in a virtual classroom, which provides you an opportunity to hear and discuss ideas and information with your instructor and the other students in the same class. You gain the combined advantages of a highly qualified professional and a group of like-minded peers you can collaborate with. Your instructor can help you understand the test content and structure using a variety of teaching methods. By bouncing ideas off each other, you and your classmates can gain a broader and deeper understanding of GMAT concepts and skills. Exposure to an assortment of ideas and suggestions allows you to try out a few and continue using the ones that work well for you.

Your GMAT educator can introduce you to specific test-taking strategies in addition to content review. Time management is an important strategy because you need to answer every question within each section's time limits. Your class leader may outline the test structure in detail so you won't be surprised on test day. This can actually help alleviate anxiety. Standardized exams like the GMAT are known for sometimes using confusing wording of questions, so your instructor can also go through what potential questions are actually asking for and suggest words to watch out for, like "except," or "not."

You always have the option to request one-on-one study time with your Virginia Beach GMAT class instructor if you run into a concept or test-taking strategy that's particularly challenging for you. This way, you don't have to fret if you realize you're not picking up on one or two things as quickly as the other students in your class. You can rest easy knowing that your study needs will be met with the kind of encouraging assistance that may build your confidence as well as your understanding of all things GMAT.

How can I sign up for a Virginia Beach GMAT prep course?

As your GMAT score can have a huge impact on your life, obtaining assistance to more effectively prepare is a great decision. All you have to do is contact Varsity Tutors and we'll get you signed up with a course that fits your schedule, whether that's during your lunch break, on weekday mornings, or on weekend afternoons. Since they're conducted over the Internet, you can attend classes from anywhere, which can be a great convenience for a busy student or professional like you. The benefits you gain from your GMAT course could be more far-reaching than you imagine.

You've already demonstrated you're a hard-working business student or professional. Now it's time to emphasize the results and earn your spot in the MBA program of your choice. Varsity Tutors looks forward to connecting you with a Virginia Beach GMAT course as you prepare for a promising future in business.

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