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When it comes to preparing for a comprehensive exam like the GMAT, let Varsity Tutors help you sign up for a thorough Columbus GMAT course that can explore the content on a deeper level than you might on your own. If you are working through the admissions process for business school, you may be preparing to take the Graduate Management Admission Test to stand out from your fellow applicants.

You don't need to prepare for the GMAT alone. That's where Varsity Tutors comes in. Our educational consultants can set you up in online group classes that can provide a comprehensive review under the guidance of an expert instructor. Your class mentor can offer a unique insight into the content, test format, and the strategies that can help you feel confident in your skills on the day of the test.

If you are planning to apply for an MA program, such as the one at Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business, you may feel motivated to put your best foot forward during the exam. Solid test review can be just the thing to help.

What can I review in a Columbus GMAT course?

There are four sections on the GMAT: Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and the Analytical Writing Assessment. Each portion has a different time limit with an overall total of 3.5 hours. You can opt to take two short breaks during the test as well. There are two sections of the test that are computer-adaptive: Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. Let's take a look at the Quantitative Reasoning section first.

Designed to measure your analytical and evaluation skills, the Quantitative section offers 31 minutes to solve 62 problems. There are two question types: data sufficiency and problem-solving. Both will involve algebra, geometry, and arithmetic, though the difficulty stems from the skills you will need in order to solve these problems. With data sufficiency questions, you will need to use data to determine if you can solve a given problem. However, problem-solving questions will task you with answering quantitative problems.

The Integrated Reasoning section spans 12 questions with a 30-minute time limit. You will need to be able to synthesize and evaluate large amounts of data across different sources to solve complex and related problems. There are four types of questions: graphics interpretation, table analysis, two-part analysis, and multi-source reasoning. These incorporate a mixture of verbal and quantitative reasoning skills.

You will have 65 minutes to complete the 36 questions on the Verbal Reasoning portion of the GMAT. This section contains questions on critical reasoning and reading comprehension. While both types of questions come with a short passage, the focus changes. Critical reasoning questions are centered on your ability to construct and evaluate plans and arguments. Reading comprehension questions assess your ability to understand, interpret, and infer ideas from written text.

Lastly, the Analytical Writing Assessment allows you 30 minutes to analyze and respond to an argument. The given argument may relate to a variety of subjects, business or otherwise, though knowledge of the essay topic isn't required. You will need to use evidence in the argument to explain how well reasoned you find it to be. Your response is given two scores, which are combined for a single score. Trained evaluators will assess your essay for overall quality while an electronic system works to evaluate the linguistic and structural aspects of your work.

If you aren't certain of where or how to get started in preparing for this exam, you may be interested in the benefits offered by a Columbus GMAT class.

How can I prepare for my test in a Columbus GMAT class?

GMAT classes are held entirely online, where you and other students can join an expert mentor in a collaborative learning environment that mimics a traditional classroom. Whether you're a professional seeking to expand your opportunities or an undergraduate getting ready for a program at an institution like Franklin University, we know that you likely lead a busy life. While it may be challenging to find time to study independently, new sessions of Columbus GMAT classes start every week to ensure that anyone can find a class that fits in your schedule. You can choose between two- or four-week sessions. Since its online, you can study at your favorite spot without worrying about being late for your class.

A Columbus GMAT course can give you the opportunity to engage in interactive lessons that explore the exam in-depth, just as you would in a standard classroom. You can participate in group activities and discussions that can give you the opportunity to build critical GMAT skills with your peers. Courses allow you to ask questions about organizing and evaluating data in the Quantitative Reasoning section. By studying with other students, you can remain focused as you work to deepen your skills and abilities. This could include creating a speedy outline for your essay on the Analytical Writing Assessment or comparing multiple sources of information in the Integrated Reasoning section of the test. Your instructor can walk you and your classmates through a variety of strategies and techniques that can help you go after your GMAT score goals. With a group course, you can even take advantage of one-on-one time with your class instructor if you run into problems.

Collaborative learning has been found to help students obtain a deeper understanding while they work together. An online Columbus GMAT class can give you the experience of sitting at the same table as your classmates and instructor without cutting into your work or school needs.

How do I get signed up with a Columbus GMAT prep course?

Varsity Tutors makes it easy to get started in a Columbus GMAT course. Regardless of your business goals, we understand the investment you have put into your education thus far. Every skill in this test will benefit you throughout your professional life. Let us provide a convenient and thorough preparation options that can help you review. Contact us today to learn more how a prep course could support you as you pursue the next step in your academic career.

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