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Preparing to take the GMAT can be intimidating. When you begin preparations for the Graduate Management Admission Test, please take into consideration connecting with Varsity Tutors to find a Portland GMAT prep class. As you prepare for the exam, a class could provide the opportunity to get a better idea of what should be expected on your test day. Portland GMAT prep classes cover all aspects of taking the GMAT. Once you select a business school like the University of Portland - Pamplin School of Business Administration, our staff can aid you in enrolling in a course that can help you as you reach for your educational and career goals.

When seeking additional assistance in preparing for the GMAT, know that the classes are not limited to current students. If you are a working professional and want to enhance your study skills for a better career opportunity, try a Portland GMAT class. Portland GMAT classes provide an additional resource and a thorough review of test material that can assist you in your GMAT prep experience.

Many nationally accredited colleges and universities such as Concordia University - Portland, will require you to complete the GMAT before applying to their programs. Your performance on this exam is crucial to your application and acceptance into MBA programs. This test will reflect your strengths and how well you perform in the classroom to admission boards. Having higher test scores can change your plans for continuing your education. You want the best scores possible. Portland GMAT courses can help you reach for your highest scoring potential.

What materials are covered in the Portland GMAT prep course?

One section of the test is based on Quantitative Reasoning skills. Within this portion of the exam, there are 31 questions which are displayed in the multiple choice format. You have 62 minutes to answer all questions, so time management is crucial to your performance. You will be asked to use your analytical and logistical reasoning to solve difficult problems. Other than reasoning, additional question types include the ability to select the best answer from 5 possibilities. Along with problem-solving, Quantitative Reasoning displays your data sufficiency skills. The question types include analyzing and identifying relevant data as well as being able to recognize when there is enough data to successfully find a resolution to a problem.

Let's move onto another section of the exam, titled Verbal Reasoning. There are 36 questions on this section of the test and they are presented in a multiple choice format. You must show your abilities in making and evaluating strong arguments. You might be asked to form a plan of action within this portion of the test. Additionally, you will be evaluated on your reading comprehension. You must respond to questions after reading a written passage, draw applicable inferences, and express your understanding of words, statements, and logistical relationships. You must show your knowledge of proper grammar throughout the Verbal Reasoning portion of the GMAT exam.

Next, Integrated Reasoning assesses your ability to use multiple sources of data to evaluate information presented in the form of number data, text, and graphics, and combine the information from additional sources to solve difficult problems. There are 12 questions within the section and the time allotted is 30 minutes. Questions in this section include multi-source reasoning, table analysis, graphic interpretation, and two-part analysis of data. This section of the test will reflect your decision-making skills using the provided data, and business schools will get an idea of how well you can make decisions on complex issues.

Finally, the Analytical Writing section of the test is a computer-based portion of the GMAT. This section has only one question and requires you to respond in an essay. You must showcase effective writing skills and high quality of expression through organized thought. As you think critically on this portion of the test, you must remember to discuss your reasons why you used particular examples in your response. Remember to plan your response before you begin to write. Otherwise, you might go off track and stray from the fundamentals that support your reply.

Can I benefit from taking a Portland GMAT class?

Yes. There is a wide range of benefits that you will have the opportunity to receive once you are enrolled in a Portland GMAT class. After you are enrolled, you will be using a tool called the Live Learning Platform to attend classes. Online accessibility provides real-time interactions with your fellow classmates and your instructor. You will be able to ask questions and personally communicate with your instructor for extra clarification and understanding of GMAT material. The ability to communicate one-on-one with your instructor provides additional support while taking your classes.

By having other students learning alongside you, the opportunity for interaction with others can assist you in specific areas of study that are covered on the GMAT. As you work with other students you will have the opportunity to learn different test-taking strategies and tips that can provide further insight into how you want to approach the exam. You will have several opportunities to work with your classmates during the course.

A Portland GMAT class provides online instruction that resembles a classroom setting. New classes start every week. The classes are offered in 2-week and 4-week timeframes. By having your classes online, the accessibility to further your education is convenient and is set up for you to learn from different locations that fit into your lifestyle and schedule.

Who do I speak with to get more information on a Portland GMAT course?

Varsity Tutors can assist you in finding a Portland GMAT course. The educational consultants are trained to work with you directly to find what options will suit your personal educational and career needs. Varsity Tutors can connect you with multiple Portland GMAT online courses that can fit into your busy schedule. Please don't procrastinate on your GMAT testing preparation. Contact our educational consultants for more information in finding a solution that works best for you and embark on your educational future with confidence!

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