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The Cambridge School System

Cambridge, Massachusetts, is part of the Boston metropolitan area and has a population just over 100,000. Situated on the banks of the Charles River, it's widely known as being one of the top academic cities in the United States. The majority of the students living in Cambridge attend the Cambridge Public School District, which manages more than 15 schools and has approximately 6,500 students enrolled.

Giving your child a good education is one of the most effective ways to help them be successful later in life. Varsity Tutors can help your child get from their first day in kindergarten until their last day in college. By working with a private tutor, your child can benefit from a custom-tailored learning experience that places their needs and goals first, giving them the ability to build upon their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

If you’d like to know how Cambridge schools are performing on state assessments, look at the chart below.

Cambridge Test Scores

From state assessments to college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT, most students will have to take standardized tests at some point before they can graduate. For students living in Cambridge, this means preparing for the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessments System (MCAS). This comprehensive examination is mandatory and tests the elementary and high school students on core subjects like reading, math, and science. For high school students, the subjects tested include biology, chemistry, physics, and technology/engineering.

Private Cambridge tutoring can help your child benefit from an interactive learning style that places their needs first. Instead of struggling to memorize the test material, students can work actively with their tutor to understand, retain, and apply concepts. As a result, your child can study efficiently, spending more time covering complex material while skipping past the content they already know.

Cambridge is known for having some of the best public schools and colleges in the country. While this means that your child will have access to a good education, it can also make the classroom environment more competitive. By looking at the table below, you can see just how Cambridge city schools compare to the rest of the state.

Cambridge High School Rankings

High School Cambridge Ranking State Ranking AP Pass Rate
Cambride Rindge & Latin School 1 15 85%
Community Charter School of Cambridge 2 129 12%
Prospect Hill Academy Charter School 3 145 56%

One major advantage of Cambridge schools is their relatively small classroom size. Despite being located just outside of Boston, your child is able to enjoy working closely with their teacher on a day-to-day basis. Here are student-teacher ratios of Cambridge's largest high schools.

Cambridge Student-to-Teacher Ratios

Cambride Rindge & Latin School has a 11 1 student-teacher ratio.

Prospect Hill Academy Charter School has a 13 1 student-teacher ratio.

Community Charter School of Cambridge has a 13 1 student-teacher ratio.

Massachusetts State Average has a 14 1 student-teacher ratio.

Cambridge attracts some of the brightest minds in the world who’re interested in studying at its prestigious universities. Below is a list of some of the nearby colleges and universities that your child can pursue.

Cambridge University Rankings

College National Rank Acceptance Rate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2 8%
Harvard University 3 5%
Tufts University 22 14%
Wellesley College 48 28%
Northeastern University 50 28%
Boston College 55 31%
Boston University 86 28%
Bentley University 112 46%
Brandeis University 118 33%
Babson College 126 25%

How Varsity Tutors Can Help

Varsity Tutors aims to give every student the education they deserve. By connecting you with a Cambridge tutor, your child can learn from someone able to create lessons focused on your child's learning style and needs. Students can build lifelong learning skills and confidence in their abilities by working with a qualified mentor. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get started.

Session Summaries by Tutors

Cambridge, MA tutoring
Today the student and I started our tutoring. I took a look at her score breakdown and decided to start with her lowest scoring area, math. We completed drills on the basics, some algebra and began studying basic geometry concepts. She did really well! She should complete an ACT exam this weekend so we can go over the test and address trouble areas. After that I will create a plan of attack for the next month of tutoring. I can't wait to get started! :)
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Cambridge, MA tutoring
During this session, the student and I reviewed useful strategies to apply to math section (problem area). We reviewed basic math concepts that would be covered by the test and worked through the example problems contained in the SAT book as we talked through the thought process required in answering each question. Next session: Writing section and sample essay
Read more »
Cambridge, MA tutoring
The student and I reviewed last weeks quiz and worked on new section of material.  He has good grasp on process of solving half and double angle trig functions, but I have still assigned him to study and memorize the formulas needed.  He should have another quiz before we meet next Wednesday and his continued work to ensure he knows those formulas will determine his success.
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Cambridge, MA tutoring
Reviewed algebra packet. The student needed a little help setting up the equations and ratios, but then could work the problem out easily. Needs a little extra practice multiplying and dividing by decimals. Homework: complete packet. Vocab: melancholy, exasperated.
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Cambridge, MA tutoring
The student was not able to finish another practice exam by the time we met today, so we just went over practice problems in each section together. We spent most of the time in math, since that is the section that she needed the most work on. We went over probability, graphing, interpreting word problems, and angles.
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Cambridge, MA tutoring
- Thermochemistry (Entropy, Second Law, Gibbs Free Energy, etc.): Briefly Reviewed chemistry chapter for exam, walked through homework questions. - Graphing Rational Functions: Briefly Discussed details about Graphing Rational functions.
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