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Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a Salt Lake City French course whether you are a working professional wanting to brush up on your French skills, a college student at the University of Utah fulfilling your educational requirements, or a freshman at West High School learning new concepts in French I. Even if you already have some experience and knowledge of French, learning in a regular classroom may not encompass all there is to know. Studying a language in an online classroom might just be the experience you need to improve your skills and practice speaking French.

French is spoken in over 50 countries including Canada, Belgium, Saint Lucia, Niger, and, of course, France. That means almost 300 million people around the world speak French as their official language. In the international business world, French is the second-most spoken language, and it is one of the six official languages in the United Nations. As technology and our international connections grow, bilingualism in the workplace will increase and will become a key skill. Outside of the business world, learning a second language can help you open doors to new places and cultures. If you travel for pleasure to other countries, you may have the chance to not only learn about their rich cultures but may use your language skills to communicate with the people you meet.

Whether you want to challenge yourself to learn a new language, you are a business professional wanting to learn a second language, or you are a student who needs some extra help learning French, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a Salt Lake City French course to help you better understand the language. We can enroll you in a class that fits your busy schedule and could help you become more proficient in French. This class may be just the thing you need to boost your confidence and knowledge in learning a second language.

What material does a Salt Lake City French course cover?

As with anything new, learning a language has its challenges when we are trying to master it. In some aspects, French is closely related to English. This means that having a firm grasp of English grammar skills and vocabulary can be helpful. French is also a classic Romance language and has some unfamiliar rules that a native English speaker might have difficulty learning. These two things might cause some confusion among English speakers, which is why it is important that you immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. A key factor in learning a new language is consistency in reading, speaking, and writing if you want to retain what you are learning. Whether you already have good skills or you are just beginning your journey, a French course is one way to practice and improve your understanding.

French does have a few more differences from English. For example, they have gendered nouns, and any article preceding a noun must match in both gender and number. Since French has many irregular verb conjugations, learning them all can prove to be tricky. One of the ways to learn these verbs is to memorize them. You will also notice words have accented letters, and you will need to learn how to pronounce them. Similar to English, you will learn questions words like "pourquoi," "quand," and "comment," and verbs that express opinion including "je pense que" and "je crois que." The French class will go over all of this in a discussion setting where you can ask questions and practice speaking.

How could a Salt Lake City French class help me?

A Salt Lake City French class takes place entirely online through an interactive classroom similar to a traditional classroom. An instructor will lead you and the other students in various learning activities. You will engage in conversations with the other students and your instructor which is a powerful tool in practicing your French. Your French speaking skills can increase the more you use the language in a setting such as this one. You can help other students who might be struggling with the language while, at the same time, you will boost your understanding and help with the retention of the material. Depending on your skill level, your instructor might even teach their entire sessions in French. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the language.

When you take a Salt Lake City class online, you will have no commute time. You can do this class from wherever you prefer, such as a library, coffee shop, or at your house. You can also take the class at any time of the day that works for you, whether you have a long lunch break or have extra time on the weekends or at night. You can choose between taking a two-week session or a four-week session, and classes begin on a rolling monthly basis. With such a wide variety of class options, you should have no trouble finding a class that fits into your current schedule.

If you need extra support, you can get one-on-one help from your instructor. You shouldn't struggle with a difficult concept when you can ask for the support you need. Your instructor is there to help you be successful in learning the language.

How can I get signed up for a Salt Lake City French course?

Learning a new language can be difficult, but once you learn French, it could have a lasting effect on possible opportunities in your personal and professional life. Whether you are learning French just for fun, are a freshman at Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts struggling with verb conjugations, or are a working professional needing to communicate with a client in a French-speaking country, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a Salt Lake City French class that fits within your busy schedule. We can help you get started as soon as possible, so reach out to us today. Our educational consultants are available to answer any questions you may have.

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