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Varsity Tutors can get your student set up with comprehensive Houston SSAT prep that can fit easily into their schedule. The Secondary Schools Admission Test (SSAT) gives independent and private schools a means of assessing and comparing applicants' basic verbal, math, and reading skills. There are three levels to this exam, each one more advanced than the last. Your student's scores on this test could influence their admission to the schools they are applying to, so you may be looking into ways you could help them get the most out of their time before the exam. Let Varsity Tutors help you explore convenient and effective test review options.

What can Houston SSAT prep review?

The SSAT is administered on three levels: Elementary, Middle, and Upper. The Elementary Level SSAT is designed for third- and fourth-grade students. There are five sections: Quantitative/Math, Reading, Writing Sample, Verbal, and Experimental. The Middle Level is for 5th through 7th-grade students applying for an independent middle school while the final level of the test is for 8th to 11th-grade students. Both forms of the exam consist of six sections: Quantitative 1 and 2, Reading, Verbal, Writing Sample, and Experimental. The Experimental and Writing Sample sections for every level is unscored. The Experimental section simply tests out potential future questions for the SSAT. Let's look at the differences in each exam.

The Elementary Level SSAT has a time limit of one hour and 50 minutes. Your student will have 30 minutes on the Quantitative and Reading sections, 20 on the Verbal, and 15 on the Writing Sample and Experimental sections. This test aims to assess the knowledge they should have gained in their earlier classes, such as basic addition and subtraction, age-appropriate vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills. The Writing Sample focuses on your student's ability to organize an essay from beginning to end. They will be given a photo, which they must use to create a short story.

The Middle and Upper Levels of the SSAT allow up to two hours and 50 minutes to tackle the 167-question test. This is broken down into 30 minutes on the Verbal and both Quantitative sections, 40 minutes on the Reading section, 25 on the Writing Sample, and 15 on the Experimental section.

If your student is taking the Middle Level SSAT, they will need to demonstrate an understanding of a variety of topics. They will face questions designed to assess their grasp of coordinate geometry, arguments and opinions, and logical relationships between words and ideas. The Writing Sample offers two creative essay prompts for your student to base a story upon. If your student is taking the Upper Level SSAT, the test will incorporate concepts like properties of triangles, interpretation of arguments and opinions, and root words. Your student will also write an essay or story based on one of two prompts. This assignment measures their ability to write persuasively with supporting examples.

How can my student benefit from different kinds of Houston SSAT prep?

There are two main categories of reliable SSAT prep to choose from: personal tutoring and prep classes. Depending on your student's preferences, they may benefit from one or even both options. Varsity Tutors' educational consultants can guide you toward the option that works best for your student.

There are new classes starting up every week for multiple sections of the SSAT. We can enroll your student in a Houston SSAT prep class that is led by an expert instructor who has been thoroughly vetted for experience and skill. Once enrolled, your student can log on and participate in online virtual classes in which they can interact with their peers and instructor as if they were in the same room. Since sessions are online, your student can pick a spot and learn from there.

Your student's Houston SSAT prep course can engage in group discussions that can allow them to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and skills on the exam. The instructor can explain the types of questions covered on the exam, as well as explore different strategies that can allow your student to maintain an efficient pace while they work through the test. If they are having trouble understanding something, their course instructor can set aside time to work one-on-one with your student.

Some students prefer to work in a more private environment. We can connect you with a Houston SSAT tutor who has the experience and knowledge necessary to help your student work towards their testing goals. As the only student in each study session, your student can enjoy a totally customized test review experience. Their instructor can get to know your student's learning personality and use teaching techniques that can appeal to their preferences. Your mentor can regularly assess your student's knowledge and skills to identify areas of the exam in which they have the most room to grow. As your student works, their instructor can give ongoing feedback, whether they are working through sample writing prompts or tackling a practice test. One-on-one tutoring can give your student the opportunity to gain insight into their learning needs, which they can implement in their independent study sessions.

How can my student get set up with Houston SSAT preparation?

No matter whether your student has been working to prepare for the SSAT for a while or they haven't even begun yet, Varsity Tutors can help get them set up with Houston SSAT prep that can suit their needs. Whether your student enrolls in a prep course or they work with a private instructor, this can be a great investment in their academic future. Your student can take the time to build solid test-taking and study skills that they can apply to future exams and courses.

If you're interested in finding excellent SSAT prep options that can give your student a leg up as they prepare for this exam, get in touch with Varsity Tutors. Our educational consultants are prepared to help you figure out the best test preparation method for your student.

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