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If you are taking the GRE soon, you should look into a New York City GRE course by contacting Varsity Tutors. College students, like the ones who attend The City University of New York, who want to enroll in a degree-seeking or MBA program are aware that they are often required to take an admission exam. The GRE is an internationally recognized test that you must consider as you begin the admission process for advanced-level programs and degrees throughout the world. Your scores on the GRE are used by admissions committees to determine your acceptance into their institution. You should view the GRE as a top priority in continuing your education.

Additional assistance in preparing for the GRE is available through a New York City GRE course. Some students choose to seek a more thorough review by enrolling in an online course that will assist them in their GRE preparation experience. However you choose to plan your preparation, a New York City GRE course will encourage you to head in the right direction on your educational journey. Look to Varsity Tutors and a New York City GRE course to help ease the stresses of the GRE and gain a better knowledge of the material presented on the test.

What materials will a New York City GRE class present to me?

The materials that are covered in a New York City GRE class are similar to the materials that are tested on the GRE. The test is separated into three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning. The total test time is three hours and forty-five minutes and is a computer-based exam. You will need to work quickly and efficiently to have enough time for you to respond to all the questions asked in each section.

The scoring scale for the three sections slightly varies. The Analytical Writing section scoring range is 0-6 whereas the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scoring range is 130-170. You want to strive for your best on each section as your scores are used to determine your collegiate admission status. Now we will breakdown the contents of each section of the GRE.

The first section we will review has two parts and is titled Verbal Reasoning. The question types you will have to answer in this section focus on sentence equivalence, test completion, and reading comprehension. In this section of the GRE, you must use your abilities to analyze a text and state a conclusion that directly correlates to the passage, summarize multiple written readings, and reflect your understanding the reasoning behind the given passages. You must be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the texts.

Next, we will take a further look into the Analytical Writing section. The time allotment for this section of the GRE is a total of sixty minutes. You will be tested on several skills while completing the Analytical Writing section of the GRE. Your written work must show the ability to communicate complex concepts through writing effectively and with clarity. Within your writing, you must support your evidence with relevant examples and significant reasoning. You must showcase your ability to maintain a focused discussion and use the proper command of written English.

Finally, we will review the Quantitative Reasoning section. Your reflection of necessary math skills, including your application of mathematical concepts, should be used to support your use of logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Within this section, you will have to respond to algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and data analysis questions. All of the questions you will have will be presented to you in multiple-choice formats. Some require more than one answer. Additional topics you must know of in the Quantitative Reasoning section are quantitative comparison and numeric entry.

The GRE has a portion that is different from other standardized college tests. This test presents you with the opportunity to complete a part of the exam that is not scored. Your responses in this section may be included in future GRE testing material. This unique section of the GRE has two parts: experimental and research. The experimental section is inserted within the Verbal Reading section and will not be marked whereas the research portion is marked as optional and you can complete it after you finish the other sections of the GRE.

How can taking a New York City GRE course benefit me?

The Varsity Tutors New York City GRE course can provide benefits beyond your current GRE test-taking efforts. The instructors work with you to explore different elements within your educational voyage. You will learn about different tips and test-taking strategies through collaborative learning to help you learn from others in your course. The Live Learning Platform allows you to communicate with your peers that can provide the opportunity to share techniques and subject information they have learned throughout their learning experience.

Along with strengthening your knowledge of GRE material, another benefit of taking a New York City GRE course is accessibility. Because the classes are online only, you can participate from any location that offers internet access. You do not have to travel to a college campus, like Columbia University, or a meeting place to take the class.

The New York City GRE classes begin every week. You may choose from class schedules that run in 2-week or 4-week sessions, depending on your schedule. Varsity Tutors can also connect you with New York City GRE classes that meet on the weekends if you prefer. Various class times and schedule options are available that can easily fit into your busy life.

How can I gather more information about a New York City GRE class?

You can contact one of the Varsity Tutors' educational counselors to gain information about a New York City GRE class. Please do not wait until the last minute to prepare for your ACT exam. The staff will work alongside you to find a class that fits into your active schedule. Give Varsity Tutors a call and begin planning your educational future today.

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