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How effectively you learn French can really depend on how much time you put into practicing the language, and Varsity Tutors can set you up with a Pittsburgh French course that will help you invite French deeper into your everyday life. Language learning presents a unique set of challenges that a traditional classroom isn't always up to meeting. Even if you've already got some French experience under your belt, you may benefit from seeking out other resources. A Pittsburgh French course will provide you with both a community of other French learners to practice with and the feedback of a qualified French teacher. So whether you're a student at University of Pittsburgh struggling your way through French I, a working professional with prior experience in French who's looking to dust off their French skills, or even a high school student at Allderdice High School getting a head start on their French, there may be a course that's just right for you.

French is popular among secondary language students, and for good reason. There are almost 300 million French speakers worldwide, and French is spoken as either an official language or a secondary language in places as diverse as North and West Africa, Belgium, Canada, Lebanon, Monaco, and even parts of Southeast Asia. In fact, French is commonly believed to be the second-most prominent language in the realm of international communications, right after English. So if you're pursuing bilingualism for professional reasons, to beef up a resume or open doors to new business opportunities, French may prove to be a great choice.

It would be remiss not to mention the tremendous cultural access you can gain by improving your French as well. It may be well-known that France has had an influence on global art, cuisine, literature, and philosophy for centuries, but there are also the many cultures of Francophone cultures across the globe to consider. You may discover a love for the French literature of North Africa, for example. If you have aspirations towards a future in academia, French may be a good choice, thanks to its a rich history and cultural landscape.

What subjects will a Pittsburgh French class cover?

Any language has unique quirks, and French is no different. However, French shares a very close history with English, so you may find a lot of common ground when first learning French words, especially if you've got a strong English vocabulary. However, grammar is a different story. French's similarities and dissimilarities to English can seem almost uncanny and throw you off more than they help. Of course, you'll have to work on pronunciation, which even experienced French learners can often improve on with practice. You'll also add a few accented characters to your alphabet. French learners may know that French uses gendered nouns, and direct object pronouns (le, la, les) and adjectives have to be conjugated to agree with the gender of these nouns, which can involve a lot of memorization.

French also has a lot of tenses, many of which have irregular conjugations as well. As your knowledge of French becomes more advanced, you'll start to encounter relative pronouns, like "ce qui, ce que, ce dont," and so on, which can be a challenge, plus the complex relative pronouns - "avec lequel, sur lequel," and the like - which are even more nuanced, and which can be difficult to explain, even for people who have learned to use these pronouns fluently. There's a lot of ground to cover, so investing in a Pittsburgh French class where you can regularly practice these concepts can be a great idea.

How will a Pittsburgh French course help me learn this material?

In a Pittsburgh French class, you'll attend an online classroom where you'll be taught by an expert French instructor. Your instructor will lead group discussions where you'll read, write, and speak French with your classmates. This online classroom can feel just like a face-to-face meeting as if you'd all gathered around a table to converse in French together. An online class may provide you some serious advantages, though. As mastering French requires a lot of dedicated practice, having your class be only moments away can be a boon to your studies. You won't have to worry about how you're going to fit an extra commute into your busy schedule, which means you may feel more confident about being able to make it to each and every practice session. This, in turn, means you might speak French more regularly and build comprehension more quickly. An online class also allows us to connect you with classes offered at a wider range of times.

You can imagine how a group discussion-based course can help you in your quest to acquire French proficiency, by exposing you to conversations with a diverse group of students, which can challenge you to build up your vocabulary and grammatical knowledge. However, we know that private instruction can be useful too, especially for subjects that you might find yourself struggling with, which is why a Pittsburgh French course offers exactly this type of service: you'll be able to request one-on-one private time with your instructor, reserving this extra time to catch up on difficult points of the French language. Plus, a group course means that you'll have access to this rigorously vetted expert instructor at a group price. These courses have been meticulously planned to offer many paths to success, regardless of your learning style.

How can I get signed up?

If you reach out to Varsity Tutors today, we can get you enrolled in the Pittsburgh French class that's right for you quickly. We can also provide you with more information about what one of these French classes will cover, and details on scheduling. Classes begin on a rolling basis every month, so there can be something to suit you starting soon. Even if you're a professional with a crammed schedule or a Winchester Thurston School student with a full load of extracurricular activities, we can find night or weekend classes that can be right for you. Contact Varsity Tutors and you might be taking the first step towards reinvigorating your French studies.

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