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If you are a student studying Latin at Inderkum High School, John. F. Kennedy High School, or California State University, or you just have an interest in the language as an adult learner, Varsity Tutors can help set you up with a Sacramento German class. Perhaps you have found that you don't fare quite as well in a traditional classroom, or you need some extra help to pass your class. Learning German can be a difficult task for even the most studious of people.

Whether you are a complete novice to the language or you already have some experience with it, part of learning German is being able to converse regularly in the language through writing or speaking. A Sacramento German course will provide you with access to an experienced German instructor, who will be there for you as go the various steps of learning to speak and master the language.

German is the official language of both Germany and Austria as well as being one of the three official languages of Switzerland. It belongs to the Indo-European language family and the West Germanic group. It is in the same group as English, Frisian, and Dutch.

Over 90 million people speak German as their native tongue. Spoken German has many dialects in the High German and Low German dialect groups. High German is spoken in the central and southern highlands of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. It is the language used for administration, higher education, mass media, and most literature. Low German is the spoken language of the lowlands of northern Germany.

Enrolling in a Sacramento German course can help you with your individual goals, such as passing a class, giving you access to new cultures, and giving you the ability to communicate with native speakers.

What sort of material does a Sacramento German class cover?

One thing you will notice when learning the German language is that all nouns in German begin with a capital letter. Every person, place, and thing is going to be capitalized. Though it can take some time to remember this, it can also make it a bit easier to make sense of a written German sentence because you'll be able to recognize when something is a noun.

Nouns are also assigned genders in German. They are either feminine, neuter, or masculine. If you want to know what gender has been assigned to a noun, you have to look for the article that comes before it. The article will tell you the gender, case, and number of the noun. There are both indefinite articles ("etn" and "etne") and definite articles ("der", "die", and "das"). It will take a lot of memorization to learn which noun is what gender, but don't worry, your German instructor will be there to help you figure it out and encourage you to practice your memorization.

You will also learn all about the tenses in German. The present tense is considered the easiest and most important verb to learn. It is similar to the present tense that a native English speaker might use. You will use German present tense for actions that are occurring in the present, near future, and ongoing or continuous actions. There is much more to learn about verbs, and your instructor will help you with plenty of discussions about the way verbs conjugate.

How will a Sacramento German course teach me?

If you are looking for a fully online classroom that also promotes interactivity between you, your instructor, and the other students, then a Sacramento German class could be just the thing for you.

Since the class is virtual, you can learn from the comfort of your living room or anywhere else, for that matter. You can also pick the time of day that you want to be learning - whether that's at night, in the afternoon, or on the weekends. Classes start on a rolling monthly basis, so you don't have to worry about waiting too long to jump in and get involved.

If you are having difficulties with some of the more complex parts of the German language, or even having trouble with the basics, a Sacramento German course will let you reserve some one-on-one time with your instructor to work out any kinks.

How do I get started?

If you want to learn German, you can contact Varsity Tutors to enroll in a Sacramento German course. We will help provide you with additional details of what is covered in the class, information about when and how you can get started, and a list of classes currently available. Soon enough, you'll be on your way to learning the German language.

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