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Whether you're attending Franklin Heights High School, Worthington Kilbourne High School, The Ohio State University, or another school in the area, Varsity Tutors can help you learn German by enrolling you in a Columbus German class. Studying German can pose some challenges, even if you're already experienced with the language. Plus, a typical classroom atmosphere may not be able to address any underlying needs you have. It can be helpful for you to seek outside assistance, and you can start by enrolling in a Columbus German class.

For over 90 million people, German is a native language. It's one of three official languages in Switzerland, and it's the official language in Austria and Germany. German is a member of the Indo-European language family, belonging to the West Germanic group (English, Dutch, and Frisian are part of the West Germanic group, too). Written German is uniform between the three countries, save for some differences. But spoken German exists in many dialects, and most of these belong in High German or Low German groups. People who live in the southern and central highlands of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany speak High German. This dialect is also used in literature, the mass media, administration, and higher education. The Low German dialect is spoken in the lowlands of northern Germany.

By increasing your German skills, you can reach for your academic, vocational, or personal goals. If you're a junior or senior in high school, and you're thinking about going to college, you may impress prospective universities by mentioning you studied German in your application. Many employers are more likely to promote workers who speak more than one language. Also, being fluent in German can help you understand and appreciate foreign films or literature.

Whether you're a school student, a working professional, or someone who's studying German for other reasons, we can help you enroll in a Columbus German class that fits your schedule.

What material would a Columbus German course cover?

The German language contains many key concepts that you will need to know. One thing you have to learn is that German nouns inflect by case, gender, and number. Cases are nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative. German language genders are masculine, feminine, and neuter, and numbers are singular and plural. Other concepts include grammar and sentence structure, essential vocabulary, pronunciation, and many others that your teacher can go over.

How will a Columbus German course help me learn?

A Columbus German course is 100 percent online, and each one is taught by a skilled German teacher. During each lesson, you will interact with other pupils and a teacher in a virtual classroom. Your instructor may go over material that you already know, and you can share your knowledge of the content to assist your fellow students. This method helps you and your peers improve your understanding, and it helps you retain fluency of the language. Depending on your skill level, your teacher may even conduct entire lessons in German. An immersive learning experience is more likely to strengthen your skills in hearing and speaking German.

By studying with other students, you benefit greatly. While it's possible to study alone, it's harder to access help if you're stuck on something. When you study with other people, you can quickly ask for assistance if a concept confuses you. In addition to working with your peers, you can request one-on-one help from your teacher. All instructors have gone through a thorough interviewing process to ensure subject knowledge and top-notch communication.

Since all courses are virtual, you can engage in lessons from home or at a locale that provides internet. If you have other obligations like family, a job, or classes in school, you don't need to worry about time conflicts. Courses offer flexible scheduling, and there are new sections beginning every month. You can sign up for a two-week course or a four-week course. A two-week course is ideal for students who want a short-term view of the language. If you feel that you need more time to study, consider signing up for the four-week course.

How do I sign up for a German course?

Getting started with a German course is easy as pie. To reach out to a Varsity Tutors representative, submit a note through our online contact form or give us a call. Whether you want to study German for school or personal reasons, we are happy to assist you in pursuing your objectives. If you're eager to get started with a Columbus German course, contact us today.

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