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Any student who is going to be taking the SSAT may be able to benefit from a Seattle SSAT prep course, and Varsity Tutors is offering a variety of courses that can fit your schedule. The SSAT, or Secondary School Admission Test, is used by private and independent schools to assess potential students. If your student is planning on applying to these schools, it may be a good idea to start prepping for the SSAT, and if you've already begun getting ready for the test, a Seattle SSAT course might be the boost your student needs to take them to a new level of success.

The SSAT is used as a standardized test for students heading into the 4th through 12th grades, and is offered at several levels to suit the grade level of the student. Whether your student is applying at the elementary school level, is almost done with high school, or is somewhere in between, we can offer a Seattle SSAT class that can provide support in the test prep process. We also know that you and your student likely have busy schedules, so these classes are taught in an accessible online classroom that can accommodate your needs. You'll have immediate access over the internet to instruction from a qualified teacher, who can increase your student's comprehension of both the subject material of the SSAT and the test itself.

What type of material will a Seattle SSAT class cover?

The SSAT is provided at three levels: the Elementary Level, which is for students entering the 3rd or 4th grades; the Middle Level, for students entering the 5th through 8th grades; and the Upper Level, for students entering the 9th through 12th grades. The basic sections of the test remain the same at each level, although the length and structure of the test does change somewhat. Let's spend some time here to take a brief look at what the test covers.

All levels of the SSAT include a Writing Sample section. At the Upper Level this consists of two prompts: one for a creative work, and the other for a traditional essay, which students are asked to choose between and base a piece of writing on. Schools will be reading for the mechanical skill shown in your student's writing, as well as their ability to persuade their audience with a well-structured written work. At the Middle Level, students will instead choose between two creative prompts and will be expected to use correct grammar and punctuation and to organize their stories well. At the Elementary Level, students will be given a picture prompt and asked to write a story with a beginning, middle, and end. At no level of the SSAT is the writing sample scored. Instead, it is submitted to admission boards as an example of your student's writing abilities.

Next, let's talk about the Quantitative section of the SSAT. For Upper Level students, this section will require knowledge of algebra, line equations, geometry involving polygons and the properties of triangles, graphing, and more. At the Middle Level, this section will ask students to be able to perform operations with variables, understand probability, how to calculate area and perimeter of geometric shapes, and an understanding of proportion. The Elementary Level version of the test will ask students to demonstrate basic math skills, such as arithmetic, simple geometry, measurement, and spatial sense.

Now we come to the Reading section. Upper Level students will read and interpret passages from works of literature, the sciences, and the humanities, and will be asked to understand not only explicit but also implicit information in the text. They'll also have to discern the effect of the author's voice on the piece and evaluate arguments. Middle Level students will perform similar tasks. They will be given less complicated source material, but will still be expected to make inferences about the passages and to understand authorial intent and the arguments made by a piece of writing. At the Elementary Level, students will have to be able to comprehend the main points of a passage, derive meaning from context, and understand figurative language.

Last up is the Verbal section. For Upper Level students this section will require an understanding of synonyms, antonyms, and analogies, as well as knowledge of word roots, suffixes, and prefixes. Students should also be able to use context to infer the meanings of words. Middle Level students will need to understand much of the same information but at a less advanced level. They will still need to understand synonyms and analogies, and how words and ideas relate to each other. Elementary Level students should be able to understand the relationships between words and have a grade-level-appropriate vocabulary.

How will a Seattle SSAT course help my student prepare for the test?

A Seattle SSAT course is taught live in an interactive online classroom where students will see, hear, and speak with their classmates and their instructor just as if they were seated around a table together. This type of collaborative learning environment can bring your student into conversation with new perspectives on course material. By asking each other questions and helping each other learn in group discussions led by a qualified teacher, students may be able to internalize material more effectively than would be possible for them in solo study. Additionally, if students are struggling or falling behind on particular material, they'll be able to request one-on-one time with their instructor, so that your student is provided with many avenues for learning, and can feel well-prepared for test day.

Seattle SSAT courses are provided in 2-week and 4-week sections, with new sections starting up every week. This means that there's always a new course coming up that can suit your unique needs, and enrollment is painless. An online course also provides a definite convenience factor, as it nullifies your commute, freeing up more time for you and your student to live your lives and pursue your goals. Scheduling is flexible, so whether you're looking for an after-school course, or would prefer something on the weekends, there can be something that's right for you. Our hope is to provide you with an SSAT course that can be maximally accessible and effective and can help you work toward your student's success in a private school.

How can I get signed up for a Seattle SSAT class?

The SSAT is one of the first steps on the way to enrollment in a private school. It might be seen as an obstacle, but it can also be taken as an opportunity for your student to build up the skills they need to make sure they excel should they be accepted into a private school. A Seattle SSAT course can help your student build up content area knowledge to make sure they have a firm grasp on their academic fundamentals and may boost their test-taking ability and confidence. Reach out to Varsity Tutors today, and we can get your student signed up for a course that's right for them, and that may be just the thing to put them on the right path towards success.

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