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Varsity Tutors offers Austin German classes open to students of all ages and learning levels residing in the greater Austin, Texas area. German is spoken by about 90 million people worldwide. Would you like to join them? Students from Austin are welcome to join our online classes, whether you are learning at Lake Travis High School, Bowie High School, University of Texas - Austin, or would like to incorporate learning German into an adult work-life balance. Each of our online classes is taught by an expert German teacher and attended by students virtually in our state-of-the-art online learning environment.

Learning the German language offers many benefits. German is, of course, the official language of Germany and Austria, but it is one of the official languages in Switzerland as well. German is loosely related to English, Dutch, and Frisian, as they are all Indo-European languages. This means it may be a logical language for a native English speaker to pick up as a second or third language. Knowing German may aid you in finding your way around when traveling internationally, especially in German-speaking countries. Germany has long been known as a science and innovation hub. If you wish to work for a company that does business in Germany, knowing the language could get you far. If you are less excited about international opportunities, you may still benefit from picking up German. Employers often give preference to candidates who are bilingual, so learning the German language may even assist you in your current career path.

What will an Austin German course look like?

Students studying German will learn online within our virtual learning environment. They will be able to communicate with and interact with their teacher and fellow classmates via webcam. There will also be plenty of opportunities for students to collaborate across locations using an interactive online blackboard. This can be used to see notes the teacher is writing, for students to write, edit their peers' writing, and to work together on projects. Students will learn about the core components of the language including reading, writing, speech, and pronunciation.

Varsity Tutors offers Austin German classes that are dependent upon students current learning level within the German language. This means each class can be catered to its specific students' learning desires. For example, beginning students may learn basic vocabulary and common phrases. One of the first nuances students can learn about is the special care that nouns receive in the language. Nouns are capitalized in written form and also change inflection based on case, number, and gender. Noun cases include accusative, nominative, genitive, and dative. Noun numbers include singular and plural, and noun gender are feminine, masculine, and neutral.

Students enrolled in an Austin German course can also get supplemental learning featuring German culture and history to help deepen their understanding of the language. This can include practical practice of daily activities such as navigating a Frankfurt transit station or purchasing tickets for an opera in Vienna. Students will be able to work along with their peers and teacher to cover difficult concepts. They may also schedule one-on-one time with their teacher to go through something that may be tough for the student to understand. A one-on-one virtual meeting with an expert teacher is held similarly to a college professor's"office-hours" and may give the student the extra they need to overcome obstacles in learning German.

How can I sign up for an Austin German course?

By calling the number below, you will be connected to one of our educational consultants. Consultants will be able to answer any additional questions you may have about our Austin German class. They will also assist in placing you into the perfect class for you based on your available schedule. Varsity Tutors offers a rolling admissions schedule. This means that there are new classes starting every month, so you can start learning German when it works best for you. You'll also be able to pick the section that meets at the best time for you, whether that would be over your lunch break, in the late afternoon, early in the morning, or just before bed.

Our virtual classrooms allow students to work where they are most comfortable. This means you can learn from your home, McKinney Falls State Park, or cozied up at Fleet Coffee Co. An Austin German course is built to best address our students' needs. German teachers want to help you begin or continue your German language journey to reach for your personal goals. Call Varsity Tutors today and join the online German class that works best for you!

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