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No matter what reason you have for learning German, Varsity Tutors can help you get started with a Charlotte German course. Whether you are studying at the University of North Carolina, or you are a high school student trying to get help understanding the language at Myers Park High School or Ardrey Kell High School, or even if you just have an interest in the German language, this course can provide you with plenty of opportunities to better comprehend spoken and written German .

Both Austria and Germany use German as their official language, and Switzerland uses it as one of their three native tongues. Because writing in German is a very uniform practice, there are not many differences between the three countries when it comes to the written word.

However, with over 90 million people speaking German natively, it comes as no surprise that German has many dialects that are spoken, with the majority being High German or Low German. Low German is less popular, spoken mainly in the lowlands of northern Germany. High German, on the other hand, is spoken throughout the southern and central highlands of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. It is typically used for higher education, administrative purposes, by the mass media, and in German literature.

Enrolling in a Charlotte German class can help you with your personal goals, no matter whether you're trying to learn more about other cultures or planning to travel abroad.

What material will a Charlotte German class cover?

One important part of learning German is the necessity of immersing yourself in the language. This is possible in a Charlotte German course, as it provides an opportunity to practice writing and speaking. You will also be able to work with an experienced German teacher who can work with you on mastering your pronunciation.

One of the things you will learn about German is how every noun is capitalized. This includes non-proper nouns, which can be confusing to a native English speaker. However, once you learn this fact, it can actually help you make sense of sentences a lot easier, as nouns will be easy to recognize.

Nouns also differ from English in another way. They are assigned a gender, which can be determined by the article that comes before the word. There are three genders, which are masculine, neuter, and feminine. These nouns sometimes associate directly with a person's gender, such as the masculine "Mann" meaning "man", and the feminine "Frau" meaning "woman". You'll want to watch out, though, because sometimes this is not true. For example, the word "Kind" means "child" and is a neuter word that does not change based on the child's gender.

You will also learn about the different verb classes and how they conjugate and fit into a sentence. There are weak, mixed, and strong verbs. Weak verbs will usually fit into a designated conjugated pattern, while strong and mixed verbs are irregular and will require extra memorization. You will also learn other things in your German class, including vocabulary, popular German phrases, and pronunciation.

How will a Charlotte German course teach me these concepts?

A Charlotte German class is held in a virtual classroom that allows the interactivity that can help you build the right foundation for learning German. You will have plenty of chances to discuss the different things you learn with your classmates and your German instructor. You can participate in activities and even help other classmates when they are struggling with a subject.

You will have the opportunity to practice conversing in German, which can help you with your language comprehension skills. Sometimes a teacher may offer to teach entirely in German, depending on your skill level in the language. This kind of immersion can really help you understand how the word order and sentence structure come together.

A Charlotte German class also provides you with the chance to reserve some individual time with your German teacher. If you are finding a subject to be particularly tricky, this one-on-one attention can make a difference in your understanding.

Since the class is taught entirely online, you can choose where you want to study. You also can choose if you want to learn on weekends, at night, or even in the middle of the day. New classes start on a rolling monthly basis, so you can get started in a quick and efficient manner.

How can I enroll in one of these German classes?

When you are ready to start learning the German language, contact Varsity Tutors to get started with a Charlotte German course. Not only can we provide information on when and how to get started, but we can also let you know what classes are available. Additionally, we can give you more details on what is covered in the class. Give us a call today to get started.

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