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Whether you are a senior at Southwest High School who wants to improve your Korean as part of your school's language requirements, a University of Texas-San Antonio freshman who has your eyes on studying international business, or you're someone who loves traditional Korean cuisine and want to further immerse yourself in the language and culture, a San Antonio Korean class can help you develop your mastery of this complex language.

As more and more industries migrate outside of the United States, it's ever smarter to focus on learning another language. Korean is a largely popular language, as 75 million people in both North and South Korea identify it as their mother language. It can also be found throughout part of Russia, China, and even within the United States. By taking a San Antonio Korean class, you can expose yourself to the language, allowing you to get a competitive edge in a global business market.

What is covered in a San Antonio Korean course?

Learning Korean can be quite challenging on your own, as this language is significantly different from all other languages. It is generally regarded as a language isolate, which means that it doesn't share common ancestry with any other language in the world. That means that unlike Romance or Indo-European languages, which share root words with many familiar English words, Korean is completely unique. However, a San Antonio Korean course can help you get the experience and the practice you need to become more confident when using it.

The Korean language has many quirks to its grammar and syntax. For instance, it is often necessary to listen to or read an entire Korean sentence before you can determine what is occurring. Furthermore, tense isn't revealed until the end of the sentence, so failure to listen to it to completion can lead to serious miscommunication errors. While English has a subject-verb-object sentence structure, Korean instead relies upon a subject-object-verb layout. This means that while you might state in English, "I baked the pie," a Korean person may say, "I the pie baked." This can be jarring and may sound like poor grammar at first, but a San Antonio Korean class can help train your ear to become comfortable with this format.

The Korean language also has a different manner in which they conjugate verbs. Instead of changing the verb to depend upon the subject, it stays the same regardless of the subject and changes based upon the necessary speech level. Speech levels within a sentence can also vary and may be either more or less formal, depending on the audience of the speaker. Not only can you learn all of these particular nuances of the Korean language in a San Antonio Korean course, but you can also learn popular phrases, correct pronunciation, and key vocabulary terms.

What is the enrollment process for a San Antonio Korean class?

A San Antonio Korean course is quite different than a conventional classroom setting, which is something that you may find to be both refreshing and convenient. Because our live virtual platform is entirely online, you don't have to worry about trying to find a local Korean speaker to teach you. You can also avoid any of the stress that can accompany the commute associated with a brick-and-mortar setting, as you can complete your studies entirely from the comfort of your own home.

You may also find it easier to communicate with your instructor in an online setting. Instead of feeling shy or nervous about an in-person interaction, you can instead speak to them directly through the platform. You may also enjoy the fact that you can have access to your classmates during your San Antonio Korean course, and you can brush up on your proficiency by speaking to them, too. If you start to struggle and believe you could benefit from more one-on-one instruction from your teacher, you can request additional time with them. This can allow you to go over any material or skills that were touched upon in class and can help increase your comprehension of the language.

Taking the first steps in learning a new language can be an exciting adventure for you. Whether you're a student at Reagan High School who needs a little bit of extra assistance with your academic coursework, or you are an undergrad at University of Texas-San Antonio who recognizes the value of learning an additional language for your future career prospects, you can boost your language aptitude and your confidence with a San Antonio Korean class with Varsity Tutors. For more information about the enrollment process, please give us a call today!

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