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If you're interested in learning Korean, or would like to develop your existing skills, Varsity Tutors can get you enrolled in a Tulsa Korean course that can provide you with the support and feedback you may need to reach for your goals. Language learning can be difficult and necessitate consistent practice, and traditional classrooms may not always give students the opportunity to use their Korean regularly enough to develop true proficiency. A Tulsa Korean course will give you access to an online classroom, where you'll be taught by an expert Korean instructor and can practice your the language alongside other learners at your level. Whether you're a University of Tulsa student looking for some extra practice, a Union High School student interested in picking up a new language early in life, a student at any other area school, or even an experienced professional looking to add a new skill to your resume, we can find a course that fits your needs.

How will a Tulsa Korean class help me study?

There are about 75 million Korean speakers worldwide, most of them in South Korea and North Korea. However, there are communities of Korean speakers as far afield as the United States, Russia, China, and Japan as well. Korean is what's known as a language isolate, or a language that has no clear or direct connections to any other extant language, although some scholars theorize that Japanese may be related. Korean can seem very unfamiliar at first, but a Tulsa Korean class can help you break ground as you study this unique language.

The first thing that may throw off English speaking learners is Korean sentence structures, which can seem reversed to many people. Korean sentences have to end with either an adjective or a verb, so, where in English you might say "I drove the car," in Korean the sentence might be closer to "I the car drove." How the ending of a sentence is conjugated can contain other information, too, like an indication of tense and whether the sentence is expressed positively or negatively, so you'll have to pay careful attention to the conclusion of phrases.

Korean also uses a variety of speech levels that indicate formality of address, depending on who you're speaking to and how respectful you intend to be. While Korean doesn't take plurality or subjectivity (first-person, second-person, and so on) into account while conjugating verbs, you will have to know how speech level affects the conjugation of verbs you're using, and how to maintain a consistent level of formality across a sentence. A Korean class can also cover general topics like pronunciation, commonly used phrases and vocabulary, and even a bit of Korean culture and history.

All of this will be presented to you entirely online in a virtual classroom. You'll be able to speak with and see your instructor and your classmates over video, and you'll engage in collaborative activities, group discussions, and teacher-led lessons. By speaking Korean with other students at your level you'll be able to work on your vocabulary and grammatical mastery, and also become more comfortable using Korean in conversation, so you can feel confident about using your Korean outside of the classroom. Group learning like this has been shown to improve the ability of students to acquire new information and to retain information in the long run. However, we know that working one-on-one with an expert can be helpful as well, so a Tulsa Korean class will let you reserve private study time with your Korean instructor so you can really dig into any material that you're struggling with and get caught up. The class is designed to provide you with many avenues to pursuing success, no matter your skill level or learning style.

An online course also negates the need for a commute, which adds convenience and can save you time and money, and, as learning Korean depends so heavily on the amount of time and effort you invest into practicing the language, having your course available from anywhere you have internet access may improve your learning outcomes as well. By reducing barriers between you and a Korean language learning environment, a Tulsa Korean course can support your efforts to invite more Korean into your life, so you can build mastery and attain your goals. Online courses also allow for more course times to be available, so if you're a Booker T. Washington High School student bogged down with sports and extracurricular activities who'd like to learn Korean, we can find a time later in the night or on the weekends that can accommodate you. The same holds true whether you're a college student who'd prefer something early in the morning or a working professional who'd like to fit a course into a break in their day. All sorts of learners are welcome.

How can I enroll?

Give Varsity Tutors a call today and we'll be able to talk to you about your needs, discuss scheduling, and get you signed up for a Tulsa Korean course that may transform the way you see Korean. Courses start every month, so you may be on the cusp of a learning experience that can take your studies to a whole new level. Reach out and let us help you strive for success in Korean.

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