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My Alma mater is the University of Texas at Austin. I graduated with a B.A. in History with Special Honors (with a focus on the American Civil War) and a B.S. in Biology with Honors. I tutored a student in middle school (reading comprehension) and another student in high school (ESL), but most of my experience in tutoring is centered around my time in college as I worked as a tutor at the University of Texas Learning Center. Here, I worked both as a group tutor and as a personal one-on-one tutor for general chemistry and organic chemistry for 3 years. It was during this time that I developed a personal philosophy in teaching - breaking things down to its simplest components and making them relevant to the student. Richard Feynman, a physicist known to have been one of the most brilliant minds in the 20th century, was renowned for explaining extremely abstract and difficult concepts in very simple laymen terms so that average Americans could understand concepts that are described by mathematical equations only a select few could understand. I take much inspiration from examples like this when trying to teach - use everyday things to simplify concepts for students whether it's using sports or fashion or current events or even gossip to help in not just learning but also in remembering the lesson. I've found that helps students make sense of things as well as make it somewhat more entertaining and little bit less painful. I view an education in two different lights - it should be a means to an end in ensuring a better career and, ultimately, a better life as it has for the past generation as our parents used it to climb the social ladder. However, people should also realize that learning for the sake of learning ought to be embraced as it helps you in your journey through life - keeping up with current events or understanding basic economic principles can help individuals navigate through the challenges of finding a job/career that will both sustain you and your family while also make you happy in that career choice.

Given my diverse academic background, I'm able to tutor a variety of subjects - algebra, geometry, chemistry, biology, writing, study skills, and Korean (I grew up speaking, reading, and writing at home much like Hispanic Americans use Spanish at home). My favorite subjects to teach are chemistry and algebra because they feel like jigsaw puzzles that at first look very difficult but gradually become easier with time.

Outside of work/school, I enjoy reading for leisure, mostly non-fiction (history, medicine, science), but I don't hesitate in picking fiction up after reading a good review (currently, I am finishing the last book in the series A Song of Ice and Fire aka Game of Thrones). I am an avid fan of watching and playing basketball. Of course, I root for the Dallas Mavericks and have been since I started watching the NBA. I also enjoy watching the Texas Longhorns football team. Like many young men, I am also an avid participant of Fantasy Football (I can proudly say that I have won the league championship once in it's constantly competitive 5-year existence). Other hobbies include traveling, running, and obstacle courses (Spartan races are awesome).

Undergraduate Degree:

The University of Texas at Austin - Bachelors, Biology/History

Reading, Basketball, Tennis, Running, Obstacle Courses, Traveling, History/Government/Economics, Business

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College Chemistry

College English

High School Biology

High School Chemistry

High School English



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