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If you're looking for the best Ann Arbor Korean class you can find, Varsity Tutors provides one of the top products in the industry. Korean is the official language of both North and South Korea, with speakers in nations such as the United States, China, Russia, and Japan as well. All told, there are approximately 75 million Korean speakers across the globe. While elements of Korean have some obvious parallels to Chinese and Japanese, it is still considered a "language isolate" with no demonstrable ties to any other language group.

Korean may not be the most popular language in the world, but there are still plenty of good reasons to study it. Korean is offered as a foreign language at certain local high schools, including Pioneer High School and Huron High School, so students might want extra help with their class. Similarly, students at local colleges like the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor may study Korean as part of their requirements. Some students study Korean to develop a greater appreciation for the culture that produced it, while others are simply looking to expand their skill set. No matter why you want to take an Ann Arbor Korean class, we can enroll you in one that suits your needs.

What topics can I review in an Ann Arbor Korean course?

The key to studying any foreign language is to practice, as there is no better way to develop a familiarity with Korean pronunciation, vocabulary, or sentence structure. Unfortunately, it can be tough to find practice partners on your own. If you sign up for an Ann Arbor Korean class, you will have a set block of time to meet with a knowledgeable Korean instructor and several classmates to practice your Korean skills in a friendly learning environment. Your instructor can encourage you to make mistakes as part of the learning process, so there's no pressure to grasp everything right away. They can also answer any questions you have so that a simple misunderstanding does not have an opportunity to spiral out of control.

Taking a formal course can also help you work on your written Korean skills. The Korean alphabet consists of a combination of phonetic letters and Chinese kanji. This can seem kind of chaotic to an English speaker accustomed to one set alphabet, so your instructor might provide examples to familiarize you with the Korean system. They can also review your completed assignments and provide constructive criticism about what you did well and where you could improve.

Korean grammar can also seem foreign to English-speaking ears. For example, verbs are not conjugated according to their subject but instead the 'speech level' of the sentence. 'Speech level' is kind of like a formal politeness level, allowing the speaker to show the proper amount of respect to their audience. Your instructor can help you understand when each speech level is appropriate.

How will my Ann Arbor Korean course be structured?

Every course consists of an expert instructor leading a class of dedicated students who meet at a set time each week over our live virtual platform. Our live virtual platform is an online classroom that allows you to attend class from anywhere with a solid internet connection, taking the hassle out of trying to get to your course. You can also see and hear everybody else as though you were all in the same space, providing an engaging study experience.

You are free to interact with your classmates as well as your instructor on our platform, creating an opportunity to establish a collaborative learning environment that may foster a superior understanding of Korean concepts. For instance, listening to your classmates can familiarize you with a variety of accents and dialects to more accurately represent what it would be like to visit a Korean-speaking country. You can also help each other out when somebody gets stuck, as sometimes all it takes to overcome a learning obstacle is a new perspective. Studying in a group also permits you to split the bill, making Korean instruction more affordable than you might believe. You can also request private time with your instructor on an as-needed basis for a little personalized attention.

Varsity Tutors understands how busy you are. We offer multiple class sessions simultaneously, including both two and four-week options for greater flexibility. New classes also start every month, ensuring that you never need to wait too long before getting started.

Can I sign up for an Ann Arbor Korean course today?

Absolutely. Simply use the information provided on this page to connect with a knowledgeable Educational Consultant who can walk you through the entire enrollment process. Varsity Tutors would be delighted to enroll you in an Ann Arbor Korean course right now!

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