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Learning a new language might seem like a daunting prospect, but an Albany Korean course offered by Varsity Tutors can be very helpful. Korean might be especially challenging for some students because it's one of the most unique languages in the world. No matter what languages you're familiar with, none will seem similar to Korean. The only language that shares a few common features is Japanese, but the similarities are still very minimal. Linguistic experts call Korean a language isolate, which means that it's not related to any other language group on the planet. We also don't know where the language came from, or how it evolved. Although challenging, learning the Korean language is an opportunity to tackle something truly new and unique, and you'll cover concepts that aren't found in any other language.

Whether you're learning Korean for your professional or academic career, a course might really help give you an upper hand. Perhaps you're a university student at the University at Albany, and you need to meet certain language requirements in order to take various programs. If you're a high school student, you might also want to learn Korean from an early age, as this could provide some major benefits in the years to come. A solid grasp of the Korean language will definitely help when you're applying to various universities. Many working professionals also choose to learn Korean as a way to advance their careers. South Korea is an economic powerhouse, and it's one of the most influential nations in world trade. Learning Korean could provide you with all kinds of interesting business opportunities in the future.

What Might An Albany Korean Course Cover?

Within your first learning session, you'll learn why the Korean language is so unique. Its writing system doesn't resemble any other language, and it can be one of the most challenging aspects of learning the language. The Korean alphabet is known as Hangul, and it's a syllabic system - just like English. In fact, it might actually be an improvement on the English alphabet, and many linguistic experts believe that it's the most advanced and efficient writing system on the planet. Unlike English, Hangul isn't hampered by countless silent letters, inconsistent rules, and other confusing aspects. Experts describe Hangul as phonologically faithful, which means that words sound exactly how they're written. Hangul consonants are even shaped like your mouth as you make the corresponding sound. While this new alphabet might be tricky to learn, you might discover that it's quite user-friendly once you get the hang of it.

In terms of structure, each Korean sentence must end with either a verb or an adjective. Because these words often convey crucial information, you'll need to listen carefully to the last word in each sentence. Spoken phrases might become positive, negative, or past tense depending on that vital last word. Verbs are also conjugated differently in Korean, and you'll learn how to use various speech levels. Speech levels dictate how verbs should be conjugated based on who you're talking to. Speech levels include formal polite, informal polite, and casual speech.

How Will I Learn With An Albany Korean Course?

Instructors teach your Albany Korean course using an online learning platform. You'll be able to learn from wherever you set up your computer, and you'll also benefit from a highly interactive virtual classroom setting. These learning environments are actually quite similar to a traditional classroom, as you'll still learn alongside other like-minded students in a group. You'll interact, ask questions, and voice your opinion as your instructor leads the sessions. This collaborative learning approach has proven benefits, and you might find it conducive to improving your understanding in your Korean course. Each instructor is a Korean expert with excellent communication skills, and they go through a strict interview and vetting process. If you ever need extra help with any difficult Korean concepts, you can always contact your instructor on a one-on-one basis.

How Do You Sign Up For An Albany Korean Class?

Choose from a wide range of scheduling options designed to fit any busy schedule. Many time slots are available, from night classes to weekend classes, and even classes on your lunch break. You can also choose between two-week and four-week classes, with new classes starting up every single month.

Learning Korean is a highly rewarding process, so invest in a Korean class to get the most out of your experience. Call Varsity Tutors, and our educational consultants will help you get started with your first Albany Korean class.

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