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If you're studying Korean, Varsity Tutors can set you up in a Jacksonville Korean course that can assist you in taking your Korean skills to the next level. You'll be welcome at any level of Korean proficiency, and courses can fit a wide variety of schedules, lifestyles, and goals. Whether you're a student trying to meet language requirements or a working professional looking to pick up a new marketable skill, there is a course for you. Learning any language can be a challenge, and traditional classrooms may not always provide students with the opportunity to practice their skills as much as can be necessary to build proficiency. Reaching out to bring new Korean language resources into your life can be an excellent way to pursue your goals.

How will a Jacksonville Korean class help me learn?

Korean is considered a language isolate, which means that it has very little relation to any other extant language, although scholars have suggested a shared heritage with Japanese. About 75 million people speak Korean worldwide. The majority of these are in South Korea and North Korea, but there are communities of Korean language speakers in the United States, China, Japan, and Russia as well. Korean grammar may be unfamiliar to English speaking learners, but a Jacksonville Korean course can provide you with support that may make the language learning process much less of a struggle.

For starters, you'll have to get used to Korean sentence structure, which can seem "reversed" to many English speaking students. In Korean, sentences must end with either a verb or an adjective. Where in English, you might say "I walked the dog," the Korean version of this sentence might look like "I the dog walked." Tenses are also often unclear until you've heard the end of a sentence, so it can be difficult to predict the meaning of a sentence until you've evaluated the entire thing.

Korean verb conjugation can also seem unorthodox. Verbs don't take first-, second-, or third-person subjects into account, and don't indicate plurality. They do require you to account for the level of formality of speech that you're using, however. Korean uses formal polite, informal polite, and casual speech levels, among others, so depending on who you're addressing and how respectfully you'd like to address them, you'll have to adjust how you conjugate your verbs. This allows well-conjugated Korean verbs to convey meanings that would require whole sentences in other languages.

In addition to grammar and speech levels, you'll study Korean pronunciation, essential phrases, and vocabulary, and you can even learn some Korean history and culture. You'll learn all of this online in a virtual classroom where you'll be able to see, hear, and speak with your instructor and your classmates just as if you'd gathered around a table to practice your Korean together. You'll engage with your classmates in group discussions and activities, and you'll get lessons and feedback from a vetted, expert Korean teacher. Collaborative learning environments like this have been shown to help students learn new information, and can also aid in your ability to recall information long-term. You may be able to imagine how useful the opportunity to learn to speak Korean with other students can be, both in boosting your vocabulary and in building confidence, so you can use your Korean skills outside the classroom. And, although there are a lot of advantages to learning alongside your peers, we know that one-on-one instruction from a qualified professional teacher can be helpful too. That's why a Jacksonville Korean class will allow you to reserve private instruction time, so you can dive deep into content that you may be struggling with and get back up to speed.

An online course also allows you a lot of flexibility in scheduling and attendance. You won't have to commute, which can not only save you time and money, but can also remove barriers to learning. Language acquisition depends on your ability to consistently practice, so by giving you access to a Korean-language environment right at your fingertips, a Jacksonville Korean course can help you ensure that you can use your Korean skills regularly. An online course also allows for more course times to be available, so if you're a Mandarin High School or Atlantic Coast High School student who'd like to fit a Korean course in between your sports practices and other extracurricular activities, we can be accommodating. The same goes for University of North Florida students, or students from any other area school. For professionals in the workforce, we can set you up in a course that you can attend during a break in your workday.

How can I enroll in a Jacksonville Korean course?

If you contact Varsity Tutors today, we can talk to you about your needs and schedule, give you more information about our offerings, and get you signed up for a Jacksonville Korean class. Classes are starting every month, so you can find the class you're looking for quickly. Give us a call, and you may be taking the first step towards pursuing mastery of Korean.

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