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If you're taking a Spanish class at Central High School, Creighton University, a job-sponsored program, or trying to learn Spanish on your own, Varsity Tutors can connect you with supplemental Omaha Spanish lessons. Spanish is the most commonly studied language in the US, and with good reason. More than 50 million people in the US speak Spanish, and it's the second-most common language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. The ability to communicate fluently in Spanish can improve your academic, career, social, and travel options.

You can sign up for live online classroom lessons, private instruction, or a combination of both. Whatever your needs are, Varsity Tutors works hard to provide the options necessary to meet them. Our professional instructors take into account your individual goals and can work with you beginning where you are. Continue reading to learn more about your Spanish lesson options.

What information is taught during Omaha Spanish lessons?

As with other Romance languages like French, Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese, Spanish has strong roots in Latin, which means it's a gendered language. Each noun has a gender, though language gender has nothing to do with the masculinity or femininity associated with the word. Most female gendered nouns end in 'a', and most male gendered nouns end in 'o'. There are some exceptions and it's important to memorize these as you're learning vocabulary because the gender of the noun affects many of the other words in the sentence like the adjectives and articles.

As you build your vocabulary, you'll need to learn how to conjugate verbs. Conjugation means choosing which verb you need to use for different pronouns, such as I go, you go, she goes, they go, we go. In Spanish there are actually more clear and consistent conjugation rules than in English, so once you learn some basics, you may learn more Spanish vocabulary pretty quickly. But don't think once you've learned one set of conjugation you're all set. Next, you need to know verb tenses. Plus how to conjugate verbs in each tense.

These kinds of language elements are learned easily in your native language because you just absorb them as you grow up. Imagine how many grammar rules you use correctly in a day without even realizing you're doing so. Do you know the names of the tenses that make I did, I have done, I will have done, I do, I will do, I should do mean different things? Probably not, but you could probably explain when the doing takes place for each of them. Once you've studied Spanish long enough, you likely will be able to name the tenses. A potentially surprising benefit of learning a new language is that it can help you understand details about your first language better than you ever imagined.

There are other Spanish conventions to study, and vocabulary acquisition never ends in any language you know. All these can be covered with your Omaha Spanish tutor or online class. One last one we'll mention here is pronunciation. Learning Spanish with the correct pronunciation is considered by many as a sign of respect. Sure, you can get by speaking Spanish with a strong American accent, but how much more will your business associates in Spain or your relatives in Guatemala appreciate it if you make the effort to learn correct pronunciation?

How do I know if I should take group or individual Omaha Spanish lessons?

Both Spanish classes and private Spanish tutoring are excellent options, but one or the other may be a better match for you. Are you struggling to ask the questions you have during your Millard North High School Spanish class? Would you prefer to be able to get questions answered immediately, work at a pace you find comfortable, and have your instructor's full attention focused on you? If so, you may be a good candidate for studying with an Omaha Spanish tutor.

There are other good reasons to study with a private Spanish mentor. For one, if you understand some aspects of the language really well, but you need to focus a great deal of time and effort to understand others, an individual instructor might be your best option. A classroom is not really set up to meet outside-of-average needs so if you're in a class, you might end up needing the help of a tutor anyway.

If you're studying Spanish from a very specific vantage point, such as accounting, a desire to write your family's memoirs, or teaching English to Mexican students, you may also want to work with an Omaha Spanish tutor. Classes tend to be more general in focus. A private language mentor can concentrate on vocabulary and phrases in whatever area you need to learn most urgently.

Do you feel energized by the vibrant Spanish discussions going on during your intermediate Spanish course at the University of Nebraska at Omaha? Do you like getting study tips and ideas from and practicing pronunciation and conjugation with a variety of people? If so, then an Omaha Spanish course might be your best option.

In these Omaha Spanish lessons, you meet live over the Internet with an expert Spanish instructor and with classmates. You can interact with both your instructor and peers during the class, and share ideas back and forth. These can be memorization techniques like acronyms that you came up with, or a classmate may have heard of or even created an innovative way to remember what you're learning. Your instructor can, of course, offer a number of memorization techniques so you can practice them and figure out which one or ones work best for you.

Whether you choose private or classroom supplemental Spanish lessons, Varsity Tutors can help get you set up with an advantageous language-learning situation.

How can I get signed up for an Omaha Spanish class or tutor?

All it takes is contacting Varsity Tutors and answering a few questions about your Spanish learning needs. Once you let our educational consultants know what level you're currently at, what your goal is, your schedule, and other pertinent information, they can either set you up with Omaha Spanish lessons to meet your individual needs. We look forward to helping you as you work to achieve your Spanish fluency objectives!

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