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Whether you are a student at North Central High School taking Chinese as an elective, a student from another area school, or an undergraduate at Butler University fulfilling degree requirements, Varsity Tutors can set you up with Indianapolis Chinese lessons. Chinese is the most popular language in the world, so it's no wonder students want to learn it. However, learning a new language introduces challenges that a regular classroom might not address. Practicing Chinese is one of the most important things you can do to learn it. A Chinese instructor can give you more than just language skills. They can immerse you in the culture, traditions, and history of the Chinese language.

Over one billion people speak Chinese. It has multiple dialects, and Mandarin, the official language of the People's Republic of China and Taiwan, is the most popular one. Written Chinese dates back thousands of years to the Shang Dynasty. Chinese doesn't have an alphabet. Instead, the language has over 50,000 characters, with each symbol representing one syllable. Of these characters, around 20,000 are used regularly. Chinese doesn't have many similarities to English, so it's a hard language to learn for native English speakers. However, Chinese is spoken in the international business world, and you may benefit from knowing it.

Whether you are someone wanting to learn more about Chinese traditions and culture, a business professional wanting to refresh your language skills, or a student needing extra help, we can help you figure out the best option for you such as classes, private instruction, or both. The choice is yours. We welcome students of all ages and all levels of proficiency. Indianapolis Chinese lessons might be just what you need to better understand Chinese.

What are some skills an instructor might review during Indianapolis Chinese lessons?

Chinese is a tonal language that features the rise and fall of words. In other words, the meaning of a word changes based on its tone. For instance, Mandarin Chinese has four tones and goes like this: "flat, rising, falling then rising, and falling." Other dialects have as many as nine tones. You will learn pinyin, which is the system to translate Chinese characters into English based on their pronunciation. You will also learn about Chinese customs, traditions, and culture. When you learn a new language, you will work on grammar and sentence structure so you can write Chinese as well as speak and read it.

The lack of opportunity to practice a new language is one of the biggest challenges. Chinese lessons will give you the opportunity to not only speak it but to write and read it as well. You'll be in a supportive group setting where you'll immerse yourself in the language. Seeking Indianapolis Chinese lessons is one way to get the assistance you may need. Your instructor might strongly suggest you speak Chinese during some parts of the class sessions, and they may even speak only in Chinese to you if you have the right level of proficiency. This immersion is how you'll pick up new words and gain the confidence you need to gain a strong command of Chinese.

If you prefer working one-on-one, you can gain knowledge of Chinese through personalized instruction. Private instructors can spend as much or as little time on various topics as you want whether you want to learn how to translate Chinese characters into English or how to pronounce new vocabulary words. An Indianapolis Chinese tutor can gear each session to you and your learning style whatever that might be--visual, kinesthetic, or audio. For example, you might listen to a Chinese speaker and repeat the words as a way to learn pronunciation.

How will Indianapolis Chinese lessons help me learn?

If you prefer learning with others, a Chinese course might be the option you're looking for. A Chinese lesson fits easily into any schedule because it's done online at your convenience. You can choose the section you want to attend, whether it's early morning or late in the evening, and you decide where to meet either at a coffee shop or your house-whatever works for you. You'll attend an online Chinese class with other students and an instructor in a virtual classroom much like a regular classroom. You can practice having conversations with the other students as well as ask questions about difficult concepts. Your experienced Chinese instructor can give you feedback on the things you need to work on and tell you what you are doing right. New class sections begin on a rolling monthly basis and have various start times. You can also participate in a two-week session or a four-week session. You should have no problem figuring out a class that works for you and your busy schedule.

If you prefer working one-on-one, an Indianapolis Chinese tutor might be a better option for you. With this kind of structure, you can gain more help and get more personalized attention. Your instructor can focus on you and your needs and not have to worry about other students. You'll get a better understanding of Chinese. You can choose to meet your instructor either in person or online. When you meet online, you have the convenience of doing your lessons from wherever you choose. Your instructor uses what's called the Live Learning Platform, which is a virtual whiteboard and video chat. However, you can choose to meet in-person as well, such as at your house or the public library.

How can I get started with Indianapolis Chinese lessons?

Learning a new language has its challenges, but you can become proficient in Chinese and gain lifelong opportunities. Indianapolis Chinese lessons can change how you think about Chinese. If you're curious about a private instructor or group courses, contact our educational consultants at Varsity Tutors. Whether you are taking a Chinese class at Cathedral High School or seeking help for another reason, we can connect you with an Indianapolis Chinese tutor or enroll you in a Chinese course. Reach out today and get started.

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