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Whether you are trying to secure a better education for yourself or the student in your life, Varsity Tutors can set you up with Phoenix SSAT prep that suits your needs. The SSAT is a standardized exam taken by students in grades 3-11 interested in enrolling in a private or independent school for the next school year. Students in grades 3-4 take the Elementary Level SSAT, grades 5-7 take the Middle Level SSAT, and grades 8-11 take the Upper Level SSAT. Standardized testing scores are only one part of an admissions decision, but it is important for a student to put their all into their test prep.

We can help with that. If you choose to take a Phoenix SSAT prep course, you or your student will study on a convenient live virtual platform in a structured learning environment. Alternatively, we can find you a private Phoenix SSAT tutor to provide individualized attention in your quest to work toward your academic goals. Either way, you'll never want to study on your own again.

What topics are generally covered during Phoenix SSAT prep?

The SSAT assesses the Quantitative, Reading, Verbal, and Writing skills of test-takers to see if they are prepared for a rigorous independent school curriculum. There is also an unscored Experimental section toward the end of the test, but there is no need to devote any valuable prep time to it. The Writing section is not scored either, but still "counts" as it is sent to every school you're applying to as a writing sample. Here is some more info about each section of the exam:


The SSAT's Quantitative section consists of 30 multiple-choice questions in 30 minutes at the Elementary Level and 50 questions over one hour (subdivided into two sections of 25 questions each) at the Middle and Upper levels. It assesses grade-appropriate mathematical skills, ranging from the four basic operations on the Elementary test to data analysis, coordinate geometry, and algebra on the Upper Level exam. You are not permitted to use a calculator on any level of the SSAT.


The SSAT's Reading section consists of 28 multiple-choice items over half an hour on the Elementary Level exam and 40 questions in 40 minutes on the other two. This is a basic reading comprehension test, and students at all levels are asked to identify the main idea and distinguish between literal and non-literal language. Older students are asked to evaluate written arguments and draw inferences while younger students concentrate on meaning. Naturally, older students also have more challenging texts to work with.


The SSAT's Verbal section contains 30 multiple-choice questions over 20 minutes on the Elementary Level exam and 60 over 30 minutes for older students. The Elementary Level exam includes questions on synonyms, analogies, and vocabulary, while the other two tests feature an even split between synonyms and analogies. Older students are given more advanced words to work with, so a knowledge of Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes may prove beneficial.


The SSAT's Writing section measures a student's written communication and organization abilities. At the Elementary Level, children have 15 minutes to write a short story about a picture prompt that features a beginning, a middle, and an end. Middle Level test-takers may choose between two creative writing prompts and have 25 minutes to work. On the Upper Level SSAT, students have their choice of a creative writing prompt or a more traditional essay to complete in the same 25 minutes allotted on the Middle-Level exam.

What are some of the advantages offered by each of the Phoenix SSAT preparation options available to me?

If you enroll yourself or your student in a Phoenix SSAT prep class, you'll study with a knowledgeable teacher and a handful of other students preparing for the same test. Your regular sessions will delve into not only the academic knowledge you need on test day, but also test-taking strategies you can use if you get stuck. For instance, there is no penalty for guessing on the Elementary Level SSAT, so children should be encouraged to try to answer every question. However, older students are penalized for every answer they get wrong, meaning a blank answer box may be correct choice in some circumstances.

Working with other students may also prove beneficial. For example, looking over another student's essay outline can help your student approach a problem in a completely different way, making their writing skills stronger. Since students are free to interact with each other as well as their teacher, they can also explain concepts to one another while the instructor is working with somebody else. Since teaching something is one of the best ways to further your own understanding of it, this can prove advantageous for both parties. Studying in a group also allows multiple students to split the cost of the class, making test prep accessible for more people.

While every class instructor is available for private study time upon request, some students may need more individualized attention. A private tutor can design study sessions around their pupil's unique needs. There is no set curriculum associated with private instruction, allowing a student to study at their own pace. For example, if they are much stronger in mathematics than reading, sessions can concentrate on active reading techniques to build their self-confidence heading into the exam.

Varsity Tutors also tries to make both services as convenient as possible. For instance, we offer two and four-week courses to make it easier to find one for your schedule. New courses also start every week so that you can join a fresh class as soon as you're ready. Similarly, our Live Learning Platform allows private tutoring sessions to take place anywhere with a stable internet connection so you don't have to worry about driving anywhere. You are also in complete control over when private study sessions take place for maximal convenience.

Can I sign up for Phoenix SSAT prep today?

Use the information provided below to contact Varsity Tutors and talk over your Phoenix SSAT prep options with a knowledgeable educational consultant. You'll be glad you did!

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