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If you are a student at an area school who is just beginning your studies in Chinese and wish to have access to outside resources that can help you improve your fluency, then Varsity Tutors may be the right choice for you. Enrolling in a Dayton Chinese lesson or beginning private lessons will give you the chance to explore excellent supplemental materials that could help you discover the ways in which you learn the best. Perhaps you are a junior at Wright State University looking to fulfill a language credit requirement or a Beavercreek High School student. No matter what your level of education is, you can find a variety of helpful content with Varsity Tutors.

If you are a fan of world travel, the ability to speak more than one language can be a benefit for you personally. Are you planning to study abroad for a semester in Taiwan or Hong Kong? If so, learning enough to feel comfortable in an immersive environment can enhance your experience. It can also help you in the workforce in fields such as international trade or business. Chinese is one of the world's major languages and is spoken by over one billion people. By seeking additional assistance with your studies, you are putting yourself in a position to improve your understanding of a Chinese language.

Chinese dialects are considered some of the most difficult languages to learn and speak fluently. The most widely spoken dialect throughout the rest of the world is Mandarin, but many people in the United States use Cantonese historically. Chinese is from an entirely different category of languages than English. This means that there are few similarities between the two, and that can be challenging for students. Signing up for our services will unlock your access to qualified instructors, virtual classrooms, and top-notch instruction.

What material will a Dayton Chinese lesson cover?

By taking an online Dayton Chinese lesson, you will have immediate access to tools that can help you overcome common barriers to learning a foreign language. Keep in mind that the nuances of Chinese can make mastery of its complexities difficult. It is a language in which all words have only one grammatical form. The language has no articles, no verb inflections, and no plurals. This is a key difference from English. In Chinese dialects, nouns are always in the same form regardless of whether they are singular or plural. These types of language specifics are important aspects you will need to understand in your journey through the Chinese language.

Each Dayton Chinese lesson is offered via a Live Learning Platform. These online classes begin monthly and are available during a variety of times throughout the day. The convenience of a virtual classroom gives you the flexibility of attending lessons that fit your schedule. They also give you the option of taking lessons anywhere you have internet access. Learning from home has never been easier.

Once you begin taking a Dayton Chinese lesson, you join other students in an online classroom with an expert instructor. Your online class structure is designed to be similar to a traditional classroom. You can expect to engage in group discussion, learning activities, role plays, and other tenets of classroom language learning. The goal of the Live Learning Platform is to create a collaborative and open environment for students. During Dayton Chinese lessons, you will have chances to join in group activities with the other students. This conversation-based learning can be great for feedback, clarification, and support between you and your classmates. Every instructor is educated, excited to help, and selected due to their qualifications and ability help students increase their language skills and confidence levels.

What other learning options does Varsity Tutors offer?

If you are interested in participating in private lessons, we can help match you with a qualified independent educator that could help you in your language comprehension. If you are a student who has difficulty learning in a classroom setting, then private sessions might be that perfect fit. Meeting with a private instructor can help you gain a clear comprehension of the Chinese language.

During private instruction, your tutor is able to assess your needs, work with you at your own pace, and assist you in formulating a study plan. You will be able to participate in lessons designed for your learning tendencies that align with your guidelines and goals. Additionally, the one-on-one nature of the lessons allows you and your academic mentor to take the time to focus on specific aspects of the Chinese language that you need to understand better. If you are student at Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School or the University of Dayton studying Chinese, you could find the help you're looking for by enlisting in private sessions with a Dayton Chinese tutor.

Written Chinese is the only modern pictographic language, and many of the characters used today come from ancient drawings of what they are meant to describe. The Chinese language has no alphabet but consists of over 50,000 characters. The grammatical structure of Chinese is also very different from English. Students will need to be familiar with things like the different rules for pronouns based on gender and be able to differentiate between verbs that sound alike.

How can I sign up for Dayton Chinese lessons or get started with a Dayton Chinese tutor?

Speaking a second language can open you up to special opportunities. Even if you are a casual speaker who just wants to learn the language for travel, Varsity Tutors can set you up with the support and guidance you need to learn Chinese in an effective way. Regularly practicing a foreign language can keep your skill set fresh and comprehend more difficult aspects of Chinese like tonal pronunciation to ensure you are saying what you think you're saying. By engaging in Chinese consistently you can learn essential vocabulary and expose yourself to Chinese culture and Eastern philosophies. Contact us to enroll in a Dayton Chinese lesson or private sessions with a Dayton Chinese tutor today.

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