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Whether you are considering studying Chinese, just beginning your journey towards learning it, or have run into a snag part of the way through, it may be useful to contact Varsity Tutors so we can help with our Oklahoma City Chinese lessons. As our world becomes ever more globalized, it is more useful than ever to learn a new language. One language that can be especially valuable to learn is Chinese. Learning Chinese is not easy. In fact, it is one of the hardest languages in the world. But it is also the most spoken language in the world, making it a potentially helpful language to know for a variety of reasons.

The Chinese language is broken down into many different dialects, including Mandarin, Cantonese, and Xiang, among others. Mandarin is the most commonly used dialect in Taiwan and Hong Kong while Cantonese is the most common in the U.S. Written Chinese is said to be thousands of years old. It is very different from English, making it a major challenge for English speakers to learn. One major difference is that Chinese doesn't contain an alphabet. It has over 50,000 characters with approximately 20,000 of them being used on a regular basis. Chinese is also a pictographic language, and is in fact the only modern example of one. Many Chinese characters are derived from ancient drawings and the symbols don't really offer any kind of clue in terms of pronunciation.

All of these factors combine to make Chinese a tremendously daunting undertaking. If you are determined to learn Chinese despite its difficulty, there is likely a reason for you doing so. You may simply be interested in languages or enjoy a good challenge. However, it is also possible that you want to enter into a career, such as international business, where learning Chinese could be valuable. Whether you are just starting out learning Chinese at area institutions such as Westmoore High School or Carl Albert High School or taking more complex classes at the University of Oklahoma or Oklahoma City University, signing up for Oklahoma City Chinese lessons could be a wise investment.

When you decide to sign up for Oklahoma City Chinese lessons, you have the option of picking between a Chinese class or Chinese tutoring. Chinese classes involve studying with an instructor and other students while tutoring involves working with a private instructor. No matter which option you choose, you can be sure that you'll receive quality instruction.

What skills can an instructor in Oklahoma City Chinese lessons help me study?

There are a lot of different areas that Oklahoma City Chinese lessons can address. One area of interest may be Chinese grammar. Chinese is much different than English in the sense that it does not have plurals, verb inflections, or articles. One example of a major difference between English and Chinese is that in English, plural nouns are marked with an -s. This doesn't happen in Chinese because Chinese nouns do not change based on whether they are singular or plural. Just this one aspect of Chinese is enough to be confusing for some students.

The difficulty of the language doesn't stop there though. Chinese is considered a tonal language. As such, the meaning of a word changes based on the tone of voice used by the person speaking it. This can make speaking and understanding Chinese a nightmare for students who aren't familiar with this. But just because Chinese presents a host of challenges, this doesn't mean it is impossible to learn with the right instruction.

One of the most effective ways to learn a new language is by immersing yourself in it. Consistent and dedicated practice in an environment that simulates immersion is important. Taking a Chinese class can help provide this because you have a chance to collaborate with your instructor and other students. Working on group activities and participating in class discussion can offer you a chance to practice your listening and speaking skills. Additionally, it may be possible for you to take a class where entire class periods can be conducted in Chinese depending on your current skill level.

Studying with an Oklahoma City Chinese tutor can also be useful when it comes to learning how to speak Chinese. Your Oklahoma City Chinese tutor can talk to you about topics related to your interests and possibly even topics related to your career. They can also talk to you about Chinese history and culture, which could be helpful if you are planning on visiting or living in a Chinese speaking country. Additionally, you may even have a chance to go to visit a store with your Oklahoma City Chinese tutor, which can offer you a chance to work with the language in a more practical setting.

Topics such as pronouns, verbs, and vocabulary can all be tricky to comprehend as well. Studying with a private instructor may offer you more control over the topics you focus on. You can spend more time going over the topics you are having a tough time understanding and less time on the topics you're already familiar with.

How do the two types of Oklahoma City Chinese lessons work?

Chinese classes are offered at various times throughout the day, making it easy for you to fit a class into your schedule. Whether you wish to take a class in the morning before school or work or you want to take it before you go to bed at night, we can help you find a class that works for you. Chinese classes also take place online, which means you never have to stress about driving to your class. You can attend sessions at your house or at any other location where you have access to the Internet.

Chinese tutoring offers you a choice between meeting with your instructor online or in person. It may be even easier to find a time that fits with your schedule because you just have to work out the timing with your private instructor.

How can I sign up for Oklahoma City Chinese lessons?

Getting started with Oklahoma City Chinese lessons is as easy as reaching out to Varsity Tutors and either signing up for a course or letting us help you connect with a private instructor.

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