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For those who are on the hunt for GMAT prep, Varsity Tutors can help you find a Sacramento GMAT class aimed at giving you the opportunity to perform to your fullest potential on the exam. Your results on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) will be assessed when you apply to business schools. Perhaps you're a student or someone who is already in the professional world. Either way, everyone can benefit from taking advantage of the academic assistance provided by a Sacramento GMAT class.

A Sacramento GMAT prep course is an excellent way to make sure you take the proper steps in your preparation for the exam. You will take the course online in a virtual classroom. You will be one in a group of students taught by an instructor with expertise in the GMAT. Varsity Tutors is dedicated to connecting test-takers with a Sacramento GMAT course that will focus on exam topics that you might be struggling to fully comprehend, and will also work hard to give you a chance to improve your test-taking ability.

Students submitting applications to MBA programs understand that admissions boards will review your score on the GMAT while deciding whether or not to admit you into the program. Some of the MBA programs in the area include California State University, Sacramento and the University of California, Davis - Graduate School of Management. A Sacramento GMAT class can give you a chance to understand the material on the test better than other applicants. Over the course of the four sections that make up the GMAT, you will be challenged to demonstrate your mastery of business skills.

What will be covered during a Sacramento GMAT course?

The GMAT is comprised of the following sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and the Analytical Writing Assignment. You will be confronted with multiple choice questions as well as an essay question. The total allotted time of all four sections of the GMAT is about 3.5 hours, but this does not include the optional breaks throughout. A Sacramento GMAT course is an excellent way to brush up on your skills before heading into the exam. We'll now break down all four sections of the GMAT and the types of questions you can expect to encounter.

During the Analytical Writing Assignment, you will be presented with a written argument, which you will have to read, evaluate and then write an essay in the allotted 30 minutes. The score will be based on how well you organize your thoughts, as well as your ability to provide relevant examples to support your claims. Writing quality, such as the proper use of grammar and syntax, will be factored into your final score. In this section, you will be graded on a scale of 0-6.

The Integrated Reasoning Section will test how well you can interpret data. Over a 30 minute period, you will have to answer 12 questions. You must read the provided graphs and tables, then analyze the data to correctly answer the questions. This section is a great opportunity to show off your problem-solving skills to business school's admissions boards. The score ranges from 1-8 in this section.

During the Quantitative Reason Section, you have 62 minutes to answer a total of 31 multiple choice questions. The two types of questions you will have to answer here are related to problem-solving and data sufficiency. The problem-solving questions will challenge your ability to use logical reasoning to find the correct answer out of five choices. The questions on data sufficiency will ask you to recognize if there's sufficient information to confidently answer the question.

The Verbal Reasoning Section will present you with 36 multiple choice questions which you must answer in 65 minutes or less. The skills you will be tested on in this section are reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. The reading comprehension questions will test your ability to understand written passages. The questions pertaining to critical reasoning will require you to properly evaluate written arguments. For sentence correction, you will have to correct various errors in the given sentences, then find the sentence that best conveys the original message.

How can Sacramento GMAT courses help me prepare for the exam?

You will take the courses online with a group of students. Varsity Tutors knows how busy your schedule might be, which is why we strive to make the process as convenient as possible. Sacramento GMAT courses start weekly, with the option of two or four week sessions depending on your needs. After you sign up, your course will begin. With the course being taught online, you have the flexibility to conduct your sessions from the location that is the most convenient for you.

The Sacramento GMAT class is conducted in an interactive classroom environment, not unlike the experience you get from in-person classes. Your qualified instructor will review the relevant material for the test, from essay writing to data interpretation and reading comprehension. You might find yourself in need of extra review when it comes to a confounding concept or a section of the test you're concerned about. If so, you can request private attention from your instructor in order to address your individual needs. The teacher might try to help you improve by giving you a sample test and presenting you with exercises that are aimed at improving your test-taking skills.

How can I find a Sacramento GMAT prep course?

At Varsity Tutors, we pride ourselves on finding a Sacramento GMAT course that will help you demonstrate your business skills well on the GMAT. There are many scheduling options so that you can work around your busy calendar. This includes the option of taking your course during the week or on the weekend. This is the perfect opportunity to get the GMAT assistance you've been looking for. If you'd like to find out more about a GMAT prep course, contact us today. Varsity Tutors will be pleased to address all of your concerns and set you up with a quality Sacramento GMAT course.

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