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German is spoken by more than 90 million native speakers, and by signing up for a Seattle German course provided by Varsity Tutors, you can learn to communicate with them. Learning a foreign language may be part of your degree program at the University of Washington. Perhaps you want to gain a new skill before you graduate from Roosevelt High School or Franklin High School. If learning to speak, read, or write German in high school, college, or beyond is something you would like to accomplish, an experienced instructor can help you learn pronunciation, vocabulary, verb prefixes, and noun inflections. A Seattle German course enables you to practice with the aid of a qualified instructor, and in collaboration with your peers, in a convenient online setting.

How Can I Benefit from a Seattle German Class?

Each class is held online. You don't need to commute to another location on campus or somewhere else in your area. This saves a great deal of time, while you get the opportunity to collaborate with everyone who is participating in the class. You can interact with your peers, help them answer questions, or fill them in on concepts they may not be as familiar with. Conversely, others may be able to help you. Working together can expedite the learning process. At the same time, you have an instructor who is experienced and has been interviewed and vetted to make sure they're proficient at teaching the language.

German has numerous similarities to English. After all, it belongs to the same Indo-European language family (the West Germanic Group), which also includes Frisian and Dutch. In its written form, German is rather uniform among the countries it is used in. People in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland use the language, while spoken German, or High German, is dominant in German schools and media, and thus the type most language learners focus on.

In a Seattle German course, you will gain insights into the concepts needed to become fluent in the language. Courses go for two or four weeks, during which time you will learn to understand, speak, and write nouns in their proper case, gender, and number. German nouns are written in an accusative, nominative, genitive, or dative case, as well as in masculine, feminine, and neuter genders. As in English, singular and plural forms of words exist. Discussions on verb conjugation can also help you broaden your understanding of the language, especially as you practice weak, strong, or mixed forms of words. At times, your instructor may lead the discussion entirely in German to help you memorize key phrases, essential vocabulary, and pronunciation.

If at any point you feel you need extra help, not to worry. Seattle German class instructors are extremely flexible and can agree to one-on-one time upon your request. Therefore, you can focus on specific topics and concepts with more in-depth explanations built around your needs. They work with you through the same intuitive live virtual platform the class is delivered through, so you can see, hear, and interact with the instructor just as if they were there with you.

How Do I Get Started with a German Course Quickly?

If you would like to participate in a Seattle German course, Varsity Tutors can help you get set up with one that works for you. Aside from two- and four-week sessions, course options start monthly. You can also select from course offerings that are held at different times of the day. For example, if you can arrange for a lunchtime study break, we'll set you up with a course that's offered during that time. If your daily schedule is full and you can only attend in the evening or on the weekend, not to worry. The virtual nature of each course means you never have to appear in a physical classroom; nor must you spend time traveling to a specific location. You can log in from wherever you are comfortable learning, whether it's a school library, local café, or at home.

Learning a new language is a process. It requires practice, repetition, and often, the guidance of a professional instructor. You must also forge new connections in your mind. While this takes time, a German instructor has the expertise to provide the support you need at any level of learning, whether you're first learning to speak German or have some experience with the various intricacies of this language. A Seattle German class can be the best way for you to gain an understanding of it, so reach out to Varsity Tutors to get started right away.

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