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Whether you're a University of Southern California student fulfilling your language requirements, an experienced French speaker looking to refresh your skills, or even a high school student at Windward School, Varsity Tutors offers a Los Angeles French course that can have a positive impact on your language learning experience. Language learning can be difficult, even if you already have some background in French, and a traditional classroom curriculum may not totally encompass the difficulties of learning the language. One of the most important factors in your success as a French learner can be your ability to regularly access a space where you engage with the French language in writing and conversation. A Los Angeles French course can provide you with access to not only this sort of language learning environment, but it also will provide you with the tutelage of an expert French teacher who can help immerse you in the language.

French is spoken by almost 300 million people, and it is an official or secondary language in 55 countries located in North and West Africa, Northern Europe, Lebanon, and Southeast Asia, as well as Canada and, of course, France. You may or may not be aware that French is also generally considered to be the second-most widely used language in international business. As our world globalizes and technology becomes increasingly widespread, bilingualism may become a key skill in the professional realm. One of the most enticing prospects of learning any language is the cultural access this gives you, and while French culture is incredibly rich and has been influential on the modern world, the widespread use of French across multiple continents means that you'll also be gaining access into a variety of Francophone cultures in places as wide-ranging as Algeria and Vietnam.

Whether you're a student who's struggling in French I and is worried about completing their general education requirements, a professional looking to expand their business skills, or just a Francophile looking for more access to French literature, history, and culture from across the globe, we can enroll you in a class that may be right for you. You'll be welcome at any level of proficiency, and a Los Angeles French class may be just the thing you need to get more time practicing French into your schedule.

What material will a Los Angeles French course cover?

Any language has certain particularities that can make it difficult to learn and master. French is a Romance language and related to English, so sometimes a good English vocabulary and skill with English grammar might be very helpful while learning French. But this can be a double-edged sword, as French also has many rules and grammatical quirks that will be unfamiliar to native English speakers. This mix of the familiar and unfamiliar can seem baffling at times. One of the first things you'll notice is that French uses gendered nouns, and the gender of the subject of a sentence can affect how other words are conjugated in that sentence. These new rules can be confusing and involve a lot of memorization, but your French instructor can help you suss it out. French tenses can be difficult as well and involve a lot of irregular conjugations. You'll likely get used to hearing your instructor tell you that you've got a list of irregular conjugations to memorize.

You'll also have to learn some new accented letters, and how to pronounce the sounds of the French sonic palette. French also has a system of relative pronouns - the "ce qui, ce dont, etc.," pronouns, which you may struggle to understand at first - plus the more nuanced complex relative pronouns, such as "avec lequel, sur lequel," and so on, which even those with a bit of background in French can sometimes have difficulty in describing the function and grammar for. Your class will cover all of this in a discussion setting so you can get plenty of practice in and build mastery.

How will a Los Angeles French course help me learn?

A Los Angeles French class is taught entirely online in an interactive classroom and led by an expert French instructor. You'll be able to see your instructor and classmates and speak with them, so you can engage in language learning activities and practice your French in conversations and group lessons. You might be able to imagine how having easy access to a French discussion group over the internet can bolster your abilities to pick up the language quickly. Even when you're going over material that you already feel you've got a handle on, helping out your classmates who are still struggling has the potential to strengthen your own understanding and retention of the material. Immersion in the language is a powerful tool in learning French, and some teachers may even choose to teach their entire classes in French.

Of course, there are times when you may want one-on-one attention from your French instructor, which is why our French courses will allow you to reserve exactly this sort of private support if you find yourself struggling with certain subjects. These courses are intended to provide you with many avenues to success in your pursuit of French proficiency. This aim for accessibility goes for the structure of the course, too. An online course means you don't have to worry about fitting an extra commute into your busy schedule and allows us to offer a range of course times. So, whether you're looking for night courses, weekend courses, or maybe even something during a break in the middle of your day, we can provide options that suit you. Courses start on a rolling monthly basis, so you we can get you enrolled in the course you're looking for quickly.

How can I get signed up?

The French language can be a valuable tool in reaching your business, academic, and personal goals, whether you're an established professional or a young student at Marlborough School. If you contact Varsity Tutors today, we can provide you with more information about what a Los Angeles French class will cover, our current class offerings, and how and when we can have you enrolled in the French class you might be looking for. Reach out now, and you may find yourself bilingual faster than you imagine.

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