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If you're a college student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and working toward a required foreign language class, or a high school student at The Meadows High School, or simply want to brush up on French for business, Varsity Tutors offers a Las Vegas French course that can help you grow your language learning skills. Learning a language can be tricky, even for individuals who have a background or prior experience in French. A traditional classroom experience might not provide you with everything you need to truly excel in the language. A Las Vegas French course can help you by providing top-notch language learning support, giving you access to an expert French teacher who can help immerse you in the language.

French is the main language in France and is used heavily in countries that include Canada and Switzerland, to name a few. It is the second language in over 50 countries and noted for being the language most used in international communications, after English. Learning the French language can serve you well, not only if you choose to travel through Europe to North Africa but in international business situations. If you're looking to expand your knowledge and professional skills, knowing French is a useful asset to offer any company.

If you're a student who's trying to focus on your second year in French to satisfy general education requirements, a professional who will be making trips to France or a French-speaking country, or just love the history and culture of France, we can enroll you in a class that meets your needs. No matter what level of proficiency you're at, a Las Vegas French class can get you started when it comes to reading, writing, and speaking the language.

What material will a Las Vegas French course cover?

A traditional Romance language, French has its own nuances that can be tricky to learn if you're not using it on a daily basis. It's important to understand that if you have a solid grasp of the English language, including grammar, this can help on your journey, but it's not enough on its own. French has its own nouns for feminine, masculine, singular, and plural instances. Understanding future tense and even question words such as quand and devoir can seem confusing at first. When you choose to study with a French instructor, they can help you learn how to differentiate between indefinite adjectives and pronouns, like tous and la plupart.

Learning the language doesn't end with the basics, though. You'll cover how to identify past perfect and past conditional words and phrases when learning the French language. Other topics covered to help you understand more include adverbs, the importance of accented letters (which can change the way a word sounds), and the pronunciation. French culture and history can be included in the studies, too, to help you enhance your understanding of the language. Your class helps you practice all of these in a discussion setting, so you can build on your skills and improve them, even if you live in a country where speaking French is not the norm. That way, once you travel or start speaking the language with others, you can feel more confident about holding a conversation in French with a native for the first time.

How will a Las Vegas French course help me learn?

A Las Vegas French class is taught completely online through an interactive classroom that is led by a qualified French instructor. You can see your instructor and speak with them, allowing you to get a classroom-style experience from home. You'll take part in a variety of conversations that are in French and even enjoy language learning activities. Having access to other classmates who are learning French means you'll get to quiz and practice with one another, allowing you to potentially learn the language more quickly than if you attempted to do so on your own. Helping out classmates can enhance your own skills since you get to practice what you've just learned, thus improving your retention. Immersion is a powerful way to study a new language, and some teachers choose to teach their entire class in French depending on what level you're at.

There might be times when you find yourself struggling, which is totally normal. When this happens, you can get one-on-one support from your instructor in a private setting, allowing you to focus on only the topics you want to work on. These courses make it possible to build upon what you already know and further enhance your skills in French, and seeking additional assistance allows you to feel comfortable in the material without falling behind and getting frustrated.

Taking an online course means you can avoid the problems of fitting in a commute to your busy schedule. Because everything takes place online, you can work in an area that is most conducive to your learning style. If you're looking for courses that take place on your lunch break, during the weekend, or in the evening, there are plenty of options. New courses start on a rolling monthly basis, so we can get you enrolled when it works best for your needs.

How can I sign up for a class?

Learning French is a valuable skill that you can use in your academic, business, and even personal life, no matter what your goals are. If you're a would-be jet-setter who hasn't traveled yet because you want to get a better grasp on the language or a student at Advanced Technologies Academy, learning French can open up a world of opportunity for just about anything you want to achieve in life, from travel to business. Varsity Tutors can help you learn more information about what a Las Vegas French class will cover, current class offerings, and how we can help you get enrolled in the French class you're looking for. Contact us today and find out how you can improve your French language skills and discover how learning more about this language can change your life.

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