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When it's time begin the medical school application process, Varsity Tutors offers Atlanta MCAT preparation services that could be the ticket you need to perform at your best on the exam. Your score on the MCAT, or Medical College Admission Test, is one of the factors that carries weight with admission officers when they are making the tough decisions regarding who to accept into their programs. Therefore, obtaining a high score on the exam is one of the biggest steps you can take in order to get into your school of choice. Getting into the right school can impact your career and life going forward, so it's imperative that you do all that you can to prepare to the best of your abilities.

However, these types of comprehensive, standardized exams are not easy to score highly on. Whether you are looking at medical school in the future or you are already in the thick of studying and need an extra boost, prep services provided by Varsity Tutors might be what you need to go forward with confidence in your knowledge and abilities. Maybe you are attempting to get into local institutions such as the Emory University School of Medicine or the Morehouse School of Medicine, or perhaps you're looking to leave the area and attend medical school elsewhere. Either way, we offer a variety of options that could fit your needs depending on your personal learning style.

What are the subject areas that Atlanta MCAT prep can help me to better understand?

The MCAT is made up of four sections and administered over the course of seven and a half hours, six hours and 15 minutes of which is active testing time. The test takes place on a computer and consists entirely of multiple-choice questions. Each section covers a variety of subject areas that our services can prepare you for. There may also be experimental questions on any section of the test that do not get scored.

The section titled Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems is 95 minutes long and contains 59 questions that are either in passage-based sets or independent of the other questions. You will need to have a range of knowledge covering biology, physics, and multiple forms of chemistry. This section is focused on the functions of tissues and organs in the human body as well as physical and chemical principles of living beings.

The Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section consists of 53 questions that are grouped into nine passage-based sets. You have 90 minutes to complete this section. The goal of this section is to use passages of text to test your reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, and analytical skills. You will need to know how to understand context and infer meaning from the information provided, along with other skills.

The section on Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems is made up of 59 questions and lasts 95 minutes. There are 10 sets of related questions and 15 that are independent of the others. Many of the questions are focused on the concepts that lie at the foundations of biology and biochemistry, as well as processes that are unique to living organisms. You will need to know how cells and organs behave to accomplish chemical and biological processes.

The Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section also contains 59 questions that you have 95 minutes to answer. Questions are grouped around passages similarly to the previous sections. This section will test your skills regarding how to serve a diverse population and the social issues that are present in the medical field. You will need to be versed in introductory psychological and sociological concepts.

Each section receives a score ranging from 118 to 132, and your composite score will fall on a scale from 472 to 528. Our services can help you go over all of these topics and more in preparation for the exam.

What different types of Atlanta MCAT prep are offered, and what are the benefits of each one?

The two main categories of services that we offer are private instruction and prep courses. You can receive different benefits from each of these approaches. Some students even choose to combine the two and gain advantages from both styles.

When you sign up to take part in an Atlanta MCAT prep course, you will participate in classroom instruction that, in some ways, looks similar to what you've done the majority of your life. The difference is you will meet with your instructor and fellow classmates entirely online. Group discussions and activities will provide you with varied perspectives on the material.

Your Atlanta MCAT prep class can also share test-taking tips and strategies that you can employ if you encounter any particularly tricky or difficult questions on test day. You also have the opportunity for some one-on-one time with your instructor.

If that type of one-on-one learning is what you prefer, consider signing up to work with an Atlanta MCAT tutor. This approach allows you to receive guidance that is more specifically tailored to your strengths and weaknesses with the material. You won't be required to work at anyone else's pace, and you can voice personal concerns that your instructor can make sure to focus on. You also have the option to meet with your tutor online or in person on a schedule that is convenient for you.

How can I sign up to get started with Atlanta MCAT prep?

When you are tasked with taking an exam that can have this big of an influence on your future, there is no reason you have to do it alone. If any of our Atlanta MCAT prep options sound like they could give you a better chance to succeed when exam day rolls around, do not hesitate to reach out for assistance. Our educational consultants are waiting to hear from you to answer any questions that you may have or get you signed up for your choice of services today. You can contact us online or by phone to get started.

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