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For any French learner, be they a student at Northwestern University finishing up their general education requirements, a professional with prior experience in French looking to sharpen their abilities, or even a student at Lane Tech College Prep High School getting a jump start on their language skills, there can be great benefits to a Chicago French course. Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a course that's right for you. Language acquisition is complex, and truly mastering French can require a lot of regular practice. Even if you're already being exposed to the language in a classroom setting, a traditional course isn't always the best place for language learning. Inviting French further into your life can be the key to attaining proficiency quickly and comprehensively.

French is a popular choice for language learners, and for good reason. Almost 300 million people all over the world speak French, and French is used as the official or secondary language of 55 countries. You can hear the language spoken in places as wide-ranging as Canada, North and West Africa, Belgium, Switzerland, Southeast Asia, and, of course, France itself. French culture and history has had an outsize influence on our world, from art to cuisine, and by learning French you'll be able to access the storied history of French literary giants and thinkers. But it's important not to neglect the global cultures that an education in French can give you as well. If you have an interest in traveling, French can help you get by in places like Quebec, Haiti, and the Ivory Coast. French has a reputation as the second-most popular language in the world of international communications and business. If you're a professional interested in adding some business skills to your resume, becoming bilingual in French may give you a competitive edge. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, a Chicago French class can be a great way to build your skills in the workplace.

What will a Chicago French course cover?

As French and English share a common history, anyone with a strong English vocabulary will be able to see some similarities between the languages at first glance. But as you begin to dig into French the similarities start to vanish, and what similarities there are can be more confusing than helpful. French has some idiosyncrasies that you'll have to get used to, like gendered nouns, plus adjectives that have to agree with the nouns they affect. English speakers learning French might struggle when they have to figure out whether a sentence about "my sister's big truck" requires them to take into account the gender of their sister, or the gender of the truck, for example. French also features many tenses, some of which don't have precise duplicates in English, and a system of relative pronouns (the "ce qui, ce que, ce dont" pronouns) that can be hard to grasp. Once you've mastered all this, you'll come to the complex relative pronouns ("avec lequel, sur lequel," and so on), of which even native French speakers may have trouble describing the exact function and rules.

There's a lot of ground to cover when learning French. This is why regular, disciplined practice is so important. Students are trying to cram a lot of new information into their heads, and that's not something that can happen all at once. Having access to a space in your life where you can get some extra French practice in on a regular basis may be the factor that makes the difference when it comes to you learning the language effectively.

How will a Chicago French class teach me all this?

A Chicago French class is taught in an online classroom, where you'll participate in lessons with other French learners under the guidance of an expert instructor. The class is taught live, so you'll be able to see and speak with your instructor and classmates. It can feel just like you've all gathered around a table for a study session and to converse in French together. However, an online French class offers some significant advantages over a more traditional classroom experience. For starters, you won't have to worry about squeezing another commute into your schedule, saving you time and expense. An online class also allows us to provide a more expansive class schedule. Whether you're a professional looking to get a class in during your lunch break or a student at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School who'd be best suited by a night or weekend class, there can be something that'll fit your needs. Easy access is important for any class, but especially so for language learners, as so much of your ability to pick up the language can depend on how much time you're able to spend working on it and how reliably you can find a French conversational partner.

These classes involve group discussion, which can be a very useful way of practicing your French. Reading, writing, and speaking French alongside a group of other learners can expose you to new perspectives on the language, broaden your vocabulary skills, and can be a low-pressure environment where you can be confident using your French. Depending on the level of course you're ready to take, your instructor may even choose to teach the class entirely in French right from the get-go. This type of immersive language teaching can be highly effective, and you'll have the support of both your teacher and your fellow students as you dive into the language together. We also know that one-on-one instruction has its strengths as well, which is why a Chicago French class will allow you to reserve private time with the instructor, so if you feel yourself struggling to grasp certain concepts you can get back up to speed in no time.

How can I get enrolled in a Chicago French course?

Varsity Tutors has a variety of offerings, and if you contact us today ,we can get you signed up for a Chicago French course to suit your needs. We can also give you more information about what the course will cover and how it will cover it, and provide information about scheduling. New courses start every month, so whatever your interest in French and wherever you're at in life, the French course you're looking for may be right around the corner. Reach out today and set yourself on track to pursue your language learning goals. You could be opening up whole new realms of personal and professional opportunity.

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