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Are you looking for professional Chicago SSAT prep for your child in Chicago? If you are trying to get your child accepted into a specific private or independent school in the Chicago area, the school may take a look at your child's SSAT scores. This test can have an impact on whether they get accepted by the admission board or not.

The SSAT is a standardized test that is designed to measure basic skills and comprehension in reading, writing, science, and math. There are three different levels of the SSAT. The grade your child is entering will determine which level of the SSAT will be administered to them. The Elementary Level will be taken if your child is going into the fourth or fifth grade. The Middle Level will be taken if your child is going into the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade. The Upper Level will be taken by students going into any grade of high school.

What will the SSAT be like?

As mentioned, there will be three different levels of the SSAT. They are similar in nature, but there are certain differences. For example, in the Elementary Level SSAT, students will not receive any penalties for incorrect answers. Thus, it is better to guess than to leave an answer blank. On the hand, the other levels of the SSAT are a bit more tricky. On the Middle Level and the Upper Level of the SSAT, students will receive a small penalty (the deduction of a quarter of a point) for an incorrect answer, while they will get an entire point for a correct answer. On the other hand, you will not receive any penalties for questions that are left blank.

The Elementary Level of the SSAT will have a Quantitative section with 30 questions, a Verbal section with 30 questions, a Reading section with 28 questions, a Writing Sample with a single prompt, and an Experimental section with 15 to 17 questions, which will be unscored. All sections will have a time limit of half an hour, other than the Writing Sample and Experimental sections, which will last for 15 minutes.

Both the Middle Level and the Upper Level of the SSAT will have a Writing Sample with one prompt, a Quantitative 1 section with 25 questions, a Reading section with 40 questions, a Verbal section with 60 questions, a Quantitative 2 section with 25 questions, and an unscored Experimental section with 16 questions. Students will have 25 minutes for the Writing Sample, 30 minutes for the Quantitative 1 section, 40 minutes for the Reading section, 30 minutes for the Verbal section, 30 minutes for the Quantitative 2 section, and 15 minutes for the Experimental section.

Keep in mind that the Writing Sample on each level is not going to be scored. Instead, it will be sent to the school's admission board, and they will be able to make their own conclusions based on the writing style and skills that are present in the essay.

All students will be tested on basic skills such as reading comprehension, basic knowledge of math and science, verbal reasoning skills, and more.

What kind of Chicago SSAT prep can my child get?

There are two kinds of SSAT preparation that you can get for your child. Some children will benefit greatly from taking a Chicago SSAT prep course. These courses take place over the internet, and they will give your child the opportunity to study with an experienced instructor who can work with the students in the class to create a study environment in which helpful discussions take place.

Taking a Chicago SSAT prep class will give your child the opportunity to make sure that there are no holes in their knowledge. The instructor can go over all sections of the test. This way, your child will have a chance to review everything that they learned in school, which can help jog their memory and make them more likely to remember important things on the day of the test.

Many students will find that they feel more comfortable when they study with a private Chicago SSAT tutor. Some children may become shy and anxious in a group environment and may be hesitant to ask important questions for which they do not know the answer. Learning with a private instructor can help them take more risks, such as asking those questions. This can help them to understand the subject matter better.

A private educational mentor can come to understand the pace of study that works best for your child. This way, they can devise study sessions that progress at that particular pace. In addition, the private educational instructor can develop a rapport with your child. They can even introduce interesting study material and resources so that your child will start to look forward to the study sessions.

A private educational mentor can present the study materials to your child in a fun and interesting manner as well. The instructor can even give your child some test-taking advice, such as what to do if they are unsure of the answer to a question. As mentioned, this will depend on which level of the SSAT they are taking. For the Elementary Level, there will be no penalties for questions that have incorrect answers, so the tutor can advise your child to take their best guess and go back to the question if they have time in the end.

Another option is getting private mentoring for your child while enrolling them in a study course at the same time. These courses can be taken over the course of either two or four weeks.

How can I get my child started with Chicago SSAT prep?

If you are looking for professional Chicago SSAT preparation help for your child in Chicago, all you need to do is get in touch with Varsity Tutors. We can connect you with a private educational mentor who can study with your child one-one or get your child enrolled in the next SSAT class. There is a new class starting every week, so your child can get started right away.

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