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Varsity Tutors can set you up with Philadelphia French lessons to support your language learning efforts. Learning a language in isolation is remarkably difficult, and that's why finding the right type of support is so critical.

The additional support of attending a private class or engaging with a private instructor can be beneficial for students of all ages. Whether you're a student at a secondary school such as Germantown Friends School or Springside Chestnut Hill Academy or attending a local university such as the University of Pennsylvania, private lessons can make a big impact on how effective your time outside of school is in building your linguistic skill.

You don't have to be a student to want to learn a new language, and studies show you're never too old to begin. Adults of all ages decide they want to learn a new language to become more familiar with the history or culture of a country. You may want to learn French so you can travel through Europe and other parts of the world without worrying about relying solely on English. French is spoken by around 300 million people and is the fifth most common language. It is one of the official languages of many international groups such as the United Nations, the International Red Cross, and the European Union.

Regardless of why you want to learn French, Varsity Tutors would love to be part of your journey. Continue reading to learn more about what French lessons can cover and how Philadelphia French tutors or French classes can support your language learning efforts.

What skills can Philadelphia French lessons help me build?

All of the core skills associated with learning French can be covered as part of your French lessons. Technical skills such as vocabulary, sentence structure, parts of speech, grammar, tenses, pronunciation, masculine and feminine nouns, definite and indefinite article, direct object pronouns, and complex relative pronouns can all be reviewed. You may even have the opportunity to review French history, literature, or culture.

There are two types of French lessons we can help you with. You can enroll in one of our French classes, or we can help you connect with a skilled private instructor. Let's look at some of the benefits associated with each of these options.

How can enrolling in a class for Philadelphia French lessons help me learn the language?

Your class can cover any of the skills related to learning French. All of your classes will be held in an online learning environment. This makes it easy to access your class from any location as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

Instructors for our classes are thoroughly vetted. We ensure they are fluent in French and able to communicate effectively with students from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of language fluency.

By enrolling in a class, you'll receive instruction similar to what you'd find in a regular classroom, cooperative learning opportunities to listen to the language being spoken, and activities that support you in learning the language. If you have specific questions, you can always ask your teacher for clarification.

All of our classes are comprised of individual sections. This type of modular design allows us to have new articles beginning each month, which makes it easy to get started whenever you're ready.

How is working with a Philadelphia French tutor different from taking a class?

Working with a private instructor is different from taking a class in several important ways. One of the most important differences is in the level of personalized instruction available to you when you work with a private tutor. Your personal instructor will only be working with you during your lessons. They can take the time to get to know you, your learning style, personality, language learning goals, your linguistic strengths, and where you are personally struggling with the language. This information can then be used to create unique lesson plans that you work on with your instructor during your sessions.

Possibly the most significant difference between one-on-one instruction and group instruction is the amount of time you will be able to practice listening and speaking the language. The best way to learn a new language is to be fully immersed in an environment in which it is being spoken all the time. That isn't possible for most people who are trying to learn French. The next best thing is having devoted time regularly to practice the language with someone who is fluent. In a class, you will have an opportunity to listen and speak to others using your French skills, and with a private instructor, that time increases dramatically.

Also, when you work with a private instructor, you have greater scheduling flexibility. When you take a class, it is necessary for the times to be prescheduled so all students can plan around the session times. With private French tutoring, you are able to decide when you schedule your sessions. You can meet with your instructor on weekdays or weekends during mornings, afternoons, or evenings.

Neither type of lesson is inherently better than the other. If you enjoy working in a cooperative learning environment with structured content, then our Philadelphia French classes are an excellent choice. If you work better with individual instruction and need more scheduling freedom, private lessons may be a better option for your situation.

How can I get started with Philadelphia French lessons?

If you're ready to give yourself the gift of professional guidance on your language learning journey, Varsity Tutors can help by connecting you with a skilled Philadelphia French tutor. If you'd prefer a group learning environment, we can help you enroll in a class to work on developing your French language skills with a skilled instructor and a set of your peers. Whether you're a student or someone who wants to travel the world with greater linguistic diversity, professional Philadelphia French lessons are a great way to maximize the time you have to study. Contact Varsity Tutors now to get started.

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