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If you have been looking into a San Diego SSAT prep course to your student build study skills in advance of the test, Varsity Tutors can help you out. The SSAT is a high-stakes exam that gives the admission departments at private and independent schools an objective data point to consider when sorting through applications. The test is divided into three levels: Elementary for students in grades 3-4, Middle for grades 5-7, and Upper for grades 8-11. In all cases, it is assumed that a student intends to enroll in their new school for the next school year. As such, a fourth-grader who takes the test does so in anticipation of starting their new school in grade 5.

Standardized test scores are only one part of the admission process at most schools, but that's no reason to slack off on test prep. Taking a San Diego SSAT class allows students to go over all of the concepts on the exam as well as proven test-taking strategies to help them build self-confidence. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of this powerful option provided by Varsity Tutors.

What topics are typically discussed in a San Diego SSAT course?

The SSAT has five sections no matter which level a student is taking: Writing, Quantitative (Math), Reading, Verbal, and Experimental. The Experimental section is unscored and exists solely to allow the test's manufacturer to experiment with future items, so there is no reason to prepare for it. The Writing section is also unscored, but it's still important because it is submitted directly to the schools you apply to as a writing sample. Let's take a closer look at the four exam sections that count for something:

1. Writing

The SSAT's Writing section measures a student's organization, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and written communication skills. Students at the Elementary Level have 15 minutes to write a story about a provided picture, making sure to include a beginning, a middle, and an end. Middle Level students have 25 minutes to write a response to their choice of two creative writing prompts. Upper Level students also have 25 minutes and may choose between a creative writing or traditional essay prompt.

2. Quantitative (Math for Elementary Level)

The exam's Quantitative section contains 30 questions at the Elementary Level and 50 questions (divided into subsections of 25 each) at the Middle and Upper Levels. Elementary Level students are tested on introductory concepts such as the four basic operations, fractions, and shapes, while older students delve into more advanced topics such as algebra and geometry. Elementary Level children have half an hour to finish their work, while older students have 30 minutes for each subsection (60 minutes total).

3. Reading

The test's Reading section consists of 28 multiple-choice items over 30 minutes for Elementary Level test-takers and 40 questions in 40 minutes for everyone else. Students at all levels need to identify a passage's main idea and supporting details, distinguish between literal and non-literal language, and answer questions through reading comprehension. Older students are also asked to evaluate arguments and make inferences based on what they've read. Active reading techniques such as taking notes while you read a passage can help students at all levels on this portion of the exam.

4. Verbal

Finally, the assessment's Verbal section has 30 questions in 20 minutes at the Elementary Level and 60 questions over 30 minutes for older students. Elementary Level children are asked to work with vocab, synonyms, and analogies, while this section is an even split between synonyms and analogies for older students. Older students are asked to work with harder words and more complex relationships, so a working knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, and word roots may prove beneficial.

What are the benefits of taking a San Diego SSAT course?

Students enrolled in a San Diego SSAT course study with an expert teacher and several other students, fostering a collaborative learning environment where everyone can work on developing a deeper understanding of academic concepts. Regular course sessions cover academic topics on the test such as addition, using context to define unfamiliar words, composing an effective essay outline, and vocabulary, and also cover test-taking tips. For example, students at the Elementary Level aren't penalized for incorrect responses, so they should try to put something down for every item. Students at the Middle and Upper Levels lose a point for every incorrect response, while blank questions are not penalized. Therefore, guessing becomes a balancing act between the chance of guessing correctly against the risk of missing it and losing a point.

Sharing a classroom with other students also carries several advantages. For instance, a student who is strong in mathematics might explain a Quantitative concept to one of their new friends while the teacher works with someone else. The student receiving help obviously benefits, but the act of explaining a concept to somebody else can reinforce the other student's grasp of the material as well. Multiple students also allows the bill to be split multiple ways, making a San Diego SSAT class more affordable than you might think. If you feel that you or the student in your life requires individualized attention, you are also free to arrange private study sessions with your instructor outside of your regularly scheduled classes.

We also try to make attending a class as easy as possible. For example, two and four-week sessions are available to make it easier to find something that works for you. Likewise, new classes start up every week, so it's always a great time to jump into a class. Since all instruction happens online on our live virtual platform, you also don't need to worry about the logistics of getting your student anywhere.

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Contact an educational consultant using the information on this page to learn more about the benefits of taking a San Diego SSAT class and to enroll today. Varsity Tutors is delighted to play our small part in your pursuit of educational success!

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