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Looking for an ACT review course to perform at your best on test day? Varsity Tutors has San Francisco ACT course offerings that can help you reach for that goal. Private colleges and universities use ACT to see what a student has learned throughout high school and to make decisions regarding student admission, advising, placement, and retention. That means a high score on ACT can affect the kind of future you have in terms of education and career.

Every year, millions of students in schools such as Henry M. Gunn High School and Lowell High School take the ACT with the hopes of getting a top score so that they can increase their chances of entering the college or university of their choice. If you are like them, taking a quality and comprehensive San Francisco ACT prep course could be an excellent way for you to pursue your goals.

A good San Francisco ACT class is one that will help you go through the different sections of the test and help you develop a deeper understanding of its format so that you can answer questions quickly and with higher accuracy. Varsity Tutors has created a course to address this need.

What could a San Francisco ACT course help me review?

In your ACT prep course, your instructor will work with you in reviewing the four sections of the exam: English, Science, Reading, and Mathematics. All of these sections come with multiple-choice questions that you need to answer within their respective time limits. The test is a 2-hour, 55-minute exam that starts at 8:00 in the morning. A good tip to remember is to answer every question-do not skip any because there is no penalty for guessing.

Here are the four sections you will study in detail in your San Francisco ACT class:

1. English

The English section tests your knowledge of language skills including grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. The test contains 75 questions that you should complete in 45 minutes. In this section, you act as the editor who checks passages for errors and decides if they are coherent and well-organized.

Some of the concepts and skills you will review in your ACT prep course include essential grammar rules, topic development, organization, and unity. You will also tackle the style and tone of language and learn techniques on how to efficiently read passages.

2. Science

This section tests your scientific interpretation and analysis skills, but not so much your stored knowledge of scientific facts. The test is made up of 40 questions, and you are given 35 minutes to answer them. There will be a lot of reading in this section-graphs, charts, passages-and based on those, you will need to evaluate hypotheses, interpret data, and apply the scientific method when answering the questions.

In the duration of your course, you will review concepts that can help you perform at your best in this test. These include manipulating and analyzing scientific data presented in different formats and a review of the scientific method, plus other procedures, tools, and designs of scientific investigation and experimentation.

3. Reading

The Reading section tests your reading comprehension skills, which cover the interpretation of small details and a major theme in a passage. You also may be asked to analyze the author's purpose and tone in passages that range from prose fiction to natural science. The test has a total of 40 questions that you need to finish in 35 minutes.

In order to pursue top scores in this section, you will be trained in identifying central ideas and themes, summarizing ideas, and understanding different types of relationships in a text. You will also review essential skills like differentiating between facts and opinions, and determining word and phrase meanings.

4. Mathematics

This section tests your mathematical skills acquired in courses up to the beginning of grade 12, and questions may come in word problem format or straightforward math problems with graphs, figures, or charts. The test has a total of 60 questions that you need to complete in 60 minutes.

You will get to practice for this section as you review concepts like numerical reasoning, interpreting equations, and geometric shape and solid measurement calculations. You will also review the most important formulas for the ACT Math test since you will not be given any formulas for this section during the test.

How does a San Francisco ACT course help me prepare?

Through personalized and customized attention from your instructor, you can address your core difficulties faster while in your ACT review course. This means that you can cover more topics in a shorter time. Also, working with an experienced and qualified instructor for a standardized test such as ACT can also help you learn tips and strategies for test taking that you may not get exposed to if you are just reviewing on your own.

A San Francisco ACT class is also conducted in a virtual classroom, where you will engage in live and interactive lessons with your instructor and other students. With a group course like this, you will work on critical skills that can help you reach for your target ACT score while learning in a collaborative, fun, and supportive online space. The class is convenient yet intensive, and you can always ask for a one-on-one session with your instructor if you feel there are items or concepts that are difficult to understand.

Performing at your best on the ACT is possible, especially if you prepare for it early and seek the wisdom and guidance of experienced academic instructors. Varsity Tutors can help you find the right San Francisco ACT course depending on your availability. We have review courses that run for 2 weeks or 4 weeks, and they both have multiple sections so you can find one that works with your schedule. If you need more information or if you are ready to start your ACT prep course, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can immediately place you in your preferred section.

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