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Varsity Tutors can help you enroll in a thorough Philadelphia GMAT class. The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, serves as an assessment of the skills that prospective students need in order to do well in an MBA program. The test can be challenging to prepare for on your own. Our educational consultants can help you join a prep class that can provide a comprehensive review.

Whether you're a graduate student who wants to stand out during the admissions process at Philadelphia University or you're a working professional interested in expanding your job opportunities, the GMAT can give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills to business schools. If you feel ill-prepared, a Philadelphia GMAT course may be just the thing to help you build your skills and confidence for the exam.

What can I review in a Philadelphia GMAT course?

The GMAT is a thorough exam that spans four separately timed sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and the Analytical Writing Assessment. There are multiple-choice and essay questions throughout this test. Excluding optional breaks, you have three-and-a-half hours to complete the GMAT. This exam assesses a wide range of skills, which a Philadelphia GMAT course can help you review and build. Let's explore the different sections of this exam.

The Analytical Writing Assessment is a single-question section that allows you 30 minutes to respond to an argument. You are tasked with analyzing the reasoning of an argument and communicating your conclusion using evidence from the passage. This section is assessed in two ways. Once by an electronic system and once by trained evaluators. You will need to make sure your ideas are fully formed, organized, and relevant. This section can be challenging to prepare for, as you need to take full advantage of your time to produce a well-written and evidence supported essay response.

The Verbal Reasoning section of the GMAT focuses on your ability to read, understand, comprehend, and correct material that is written in English. You will need to have strong reading comprehension and critical reasoning skills to tackle the questions in this section. Reading comprehension questions present multiple passages with questions related to inference, application, and significant ideas. On the other hand, critical reasoning focus on your ability to analyze and defend or damage an argument.

With the Quantitative Reasoning section, you are given 62 minutes to solve 31 multiple-choice questions pertaining to problem-solving or data sufficiency. While you do need to know some basic math, this section is more about the logical and analytical skills it takes to solve these problems than your math skills. Data sufficiency questions present a quantitative problem for your analysis, requiring that you identify relevant data and determine if it can be used to solve a problem. Problem-solving questions task you with identifying the best solution to a quantitative problem.

Finally, there is the Integrated Reasoning section, which shows business schools how well you can take in a lot of information and use it to make a solid decision. This section combines skills covered in the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections while using a wide range of data sources. You will need to be able to take information from a variety of different sources, identify and organize relevant data, and use it to solve a variety of complex and interrelated problems. There are four types of questions: two-part analysis, multi-source reasoning, graphics interpretation, and table analysis. You will have 30 minutes to complete the 12 questions on this section.

How can I prepare for my test in a Philadelphia GMAT class?

A GMAT prep class is a collaborative learning opportunity held entirely online that allows you to work with other students as you review for the exam with an expert instructor. Varsity Tutors interviews and vets each instructor to ensure that each class is led by a capable mentor who can communicate with their students. We understand that whether you're an undergraduate or a professional, it can be challenging to find time to prepare for the GMAT. That's why new classes start every week in two- or four-week sessions, allowing you to take advantage of convenient and reliable test review that fits into your schedule.

Your instructor can walk you and your classmates through the exam format. They can demonstrate different techniques that can help you manage your time as well as offer insight to the exam that you may not otherwise have access to. You are free to ask questions and participate in group discussions to find new ways to approach different types of problems.

Online courses allow you to interact with your fellow classmates and instructor via a virtual classroom. You can participate in interactive study sessions that explore the different sections of the test. Studying with others can help increase your ability to retain information while allowing you the opportunity to build skills, such as new ways to use data in the Quantitative Reasoning section or how you can speed up your construction of an outline for the Analytical Writing Assessment. You can even meet one-on-one with your instructor for guidance on tricky or hard-to-grasp topics. GMAT courses aim to help you go after your testing goals.

How do I get signed up for a Philadelphia GMAT prep course?

Enrolling in a Philadelphia GMAT class can serve as a valuable investment in both your academic and professional future. Varsity Tutors can get you signed up for a class that can fit into your schedule without a problem, whether you'd rather study during your lunch breaks at work or on the weekends. By working to build these foundational business skills, you can enjoy the benefits throughout your career and education.

Regardless of your goals, let Varsity Tutors help you prepare for the future. Give us a call or fill out the contact form to get in touch with one of our educational consultants. We can help you learn more about the benefits offered by a collaborative GMAT preparation class and help you get signed up for one. Don't hesitate to invest in yourself.

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